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Offshore Software Development: Best Practices to Use

Best Practices in Offshore Software Development

Outsourcing often has a negative connotation. The general public thinks of an impersonal, rigid work environment where employees do not necessarily feel invested in the work they do. In actuality, offshore outsourcing is an extremely amicable practice. Especially today where technology allows for fluid communication across borders, offshore employees feel as much a part of a company as those onshore.

To ensure this stays a reality, employees have a responsibility to dedicate time and effort into strengthening relationships among coworkers and clients. Below we have gathered a few of the best practices in offshore software development.

Full-Time Onshore Leader

Important to have a leader who is fully dedicated to the success of the company. Some people think that they can supervise an offshore team in addition to all their other responsibilities. But really there should be one team member whose main position is to work with the offshore developers so that they get the attention they deserve.

Corresponding Offshore Team Leader

To complement the onshore team leader, there should be an equal counterpart within the offshore site. This employee should be responsible for checking in with the onshore leader on a frequent basis. This will allow for constant updates regarding current projects and assignments to ensure that all teams are fulfilling their duties.

Schedule Video Chat Meetings

Even if you can’t always be face-to-face with offshore employees, technology today allows for personal communication in other ways. Take advantage of platforms such as Skype, Google Chat, or Slack for regular meetings.

Build Community

Onshore and offshore teams should communicate as often as possible to create a cohesive work environment. If the company lacks unity, it will show in the quality of work and level of engagement.

Curate Small, Skilled Teams

Hiring the most skilled and motivated software developers is obviously a priority for any company. However it is especially imperative when it comes to offshore relationships. The added miles and potential time difference presents a more demanding environment and requires committed employees.

At Number8 we always work to use the best practices in offshore software development between our teams in Louisville, KY and Costa Rica. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning about outsourcing and nearshore software development.

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