Nearshore Software Development

outsourcing nearshore software developmentWhen it comes to choosing an outsourcing partner for a custom software development project, you may be faced with a critical decision in choosing between offshore and nearshore software developers. In order to operate as efficiently as possible, most companies look to find the best services at the best possible rates. Outsourcing software development has allowed companies to maximize production in a cost-effective manner to produce great end products.

Offshore outsourcing is a term often used to describe times when an organization outsources software development services to a company in a far-a-way location like India or China. When you outsource software development to a place like India or China you are significantly separated by time zones, language barriers and cultural differences.  When an organization outsources to an offshore location, it is not uncommon to face challenges with the time gap as well as communication and cultural differences. Perhaps not surprisingly, sometimes production costs are higher than expected due to this.

In comparison, nearshore outsourcing happens when an organization works with a software development company located in close proximity to the U.S.  This typically includes many locations in Latin America including Costa Rica.  Working with a nearshore software development firm often helps you avoid some of the barriers associated with outsourcing to far-away locations, including language and cultural gaps. Further, the close proximity offered by nearshore software firms allows for strong relationship-building and effective communication between onshore and offshore developers and product managers. Understandably, this may be conducive to a more efficient process, while also leading to an overall better end product.

Nearshore Technology Model

When it comes down to custom software development, nearshore outsourcing can provide you with many benefits. Follow along to learn the four basic concepts involved with the nearshore technology model:

  1. Flexibility – When outsourcing to a nearshore location, close proximity and working within the same or a similar time zone allows the project members to be adaptive, responsive and flexible throughout all stages of development. Stakeholder requests may change often during a development project. Nearshore team partners can adapt quickly to change requests during your normal business day.
  2. Communication – A development project relies heavily on communication between developers, product managers and other stakeholders involved. Language barriers can sometimes impose an impediment on product development. Nearshore developers located in places like Costa Rica are fluent in both English and Spanish. A strong communication line across all members of the team is a key part of producing a great product.
  3. Relationship building – Due to the convenient proximity of nearshore locations, relationship building between managers, developers and stakeholders can be achieved with greater ease. Onsite visits are more accessible to managers and stakeholders who want to have face to face meetings with nearshore developers. Strong relationship building encourages cohesion between team members, often increasing velocity, quality, and productivity.
  4. Skilled Technology Professionals – Nearshore software companies like number8 feature top technical talent in neighboring countries. Many Latin American countries are working to educate highly skilled software professionals. Employing the best developers in the software business may prove to give a company a competitive edge over rival offshore companies.

Outsourcing software development enables a company to employee highly skilled workers at an affordable rate in order to maximize efficiency during a software development project. A nearshore software firm may provide additional benefits to the more traditional offshore model. Find out more about nearshore software development by contacting number8 today.