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On-Demand IT & Development Talent

We are the alternative to a software development staffing firm, as we place contract and full time IT & development talent with our customers. Often, our clients ask us to make arrangements for them to hire our developers full-time because they are that good!

Our consulting and staffing engagements are highly flexible and scalable; we can provide you with a half or full SCRUM development team up to dozens of professionals with specific subject matter expertise. Most of our clients scale up over time once they see how much value our project consultants and developers bring to their organizations.

The goal is to make your process as seamless and painless as possible. In fact, we do not hold you to any contractual commitments. You can cancel the engagement any time without any penalty.

If you are not completely satisfied with your developers, we will find replacements immediately.

Accelerate Your Software Development

We provide you with access to the skills and resources you need to accelerate software development. We can place talent in your organization in under a week, and often within a day, depending on requirements.

number8 developers typically make a noticeable, immediate impact within the very first week. Your contracted development consultant is backed by a full support team comprised of an account manager, team lead, engagement manager, and development manager.

Our own in-house development team and full-service support organization can provide assistance 24x7.

We Can Help You With…

Software Development

Most of our clients ask us to provide them with custom software development services. We understand what success looks like for a wide range of industries. We have a team of experienced developers with expertise in a variety of technologies, including Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, .NET Core, C#, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js, React, Node.js, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Azure, AWS, and more. We can help you with everything from the initial planning stages to the final deployment of your software.

IT Consulting & Management

Sometimes you need strategists, sometimes you need tactical executors, and then other times, you need both. We offer a wide range of IT consulting and management services, at both ends of the spectrum. We can help you with everything from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. Our team of experts can help you improve your IT infrastructure, security, and compliance. We can also help you with cloud migration, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning, as well as the management of a team of developers.

Staff Augmentation

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent staff, we can help you meet your business goals through thoughtful, data-driven and skills-tested candidate matching. We have a large pool of qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in a variety of technologies. We can help you find the right people to fill your open positions quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Integration

Cloud integration means very different things to different industries and organizations. It is never an all or nothing scenario. Our teams of experts can also help you discern the best way forward for your tech stack, and IT business requirements. We can help you integrate your existing IT systems with the cloud. We have experience with a variety of cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We can help you migrate your data and applications to the cloud, and we can also help you manage your cloud environment.

New Product Development

We understand that time is money, and time to market is critical. That's why we get such high scores on our development teams deployed to help our clients develop new products and services. We have a team of experienced product managers, designers, and developers who can help you bring your ideas to market--working with you on everything from market research to product launch.

How We Find Talent

Unlike our competition, we utilize the Predictive Index behavioral analysis platform and its millions of data points to match your organization with the best fitting and most qualified senior developer who will fit seamlessly and quickly into your organization.

Our developers undergo an extensive 18-point recruitment process to ensure they are the caliber you expect. This includes a short theoretical/logical assessment, live problem solving and coding assessment, personality and behavioral assessment, and a comprehensive cultural and interpersonal skills assessment. Our clients' development teams regularly realize a 4x increase in their software delivery velocity.

Over 98% of our developer's contracts are extended beyond the initial agreement.

Scale your team’s capacity without the significant costs that come with local hires. And, if you love your contract developer so much you want to hire them full-time, let us know!

There has been no difference in the number8s vs full-time our client engineers. The engineers number8 has provided us have really hit the ground running and have been able to contribute as fast if not faster than people we’re hiring from the outside.

Head of Engineering, North America

The people that are coming in have had other experiences that other people on our team have not had. Our most tenured people have not been exposed to the same technologies that the number8 engineers have. One number8 is more architecturally focused. We’re using him to help review the architectural decisions we’re making and getting his input. You come into something with an understanding of ‘how things have been done in the past’ while bringing a fresh perspective.

Development Director

Overall, our experience with number8 and the quality of their candidates and vetting process has given us the ability to expand faster.

Client Engagement Manager

When we started with number8, we were facing a labor shortage that created a need within our organization to augment our teams with high quality staff members that worked in our timezone. number8 was extremely quick to find the right people for our teams. Over the years, our experience has shown us that number8 isn’t your typical contract scenario. We have number8 team members that have been with us for over 10 years. To us, their consultants are, for all intents and purposes, considered employees. In fact, several number8’s are in leadership roles because they grew to become the most trusted people within certain teams.

Eric Theobald headshot
Eric Theobald
Vice President Software Engineering & Talent Acquisition

The value of nearshore is really in the cultural similarities. We were used to India and culturally they were very accepting of everything we would say or ask for. With our nearshore team, we experienced frequent debates. They regularly challenged and recommended new ideas. We needed a team willing to offer advice and alternatives and that’s what number8 delivered.

Bryan J headshot
Bryan J.
EVP, Information Technology

I have worked with number8 for more than 4 years and the experience has been excellent. They provide very skilled resources that often exceed my expectations. Each one of their consultants understands the whole business & technical context, commits to the process while helping refine it, and delivers on time. Beyond staffing, number8 remains accountable for team performance and customer sentiment. I feel comfortable knowing that number8 is building a real business partnership with our organization.

Victor C headshot
Victor C.
Info Systems Maintenance Manager

What You Can Expect

At number8, our high-achieving developers are problem solvers, self-starters, and proactive communicators with a deep and broad technical proficiency. We do not just provide a developer; we provide the precise developer(s) you are looking for even if we have to pull them away from their full-time position.

Your contractor is a very seasoned, senior software developer who's sole purpose is to add substantial value to your development team as quickly as possible.

Our developers have superior English-speaking communication skills, and they aim to be a true, high-achieving extension of your team, who are not afraid to challenge work or ask the tough questions when necessary, just like an internal employee would.

Many of our long-term clients claim our professionals are the best performing developers in their organization, and as a result, many hire them full time.

Let's Work Together

Provide your information to talk with a number8 Account Executive about your development needs today and feel what it’s like to be listened to before being sold a solution.

Let us help you add highly skilled, versatile developers to your team.

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