Offsite Developers are Closer Than You Think.

You’ve invested in the technical processes needed to give you the ability to grow without limits. It’s time to take advantage of that investment by augmenting your teams with the best remote talent available.

number8 consultants pull from the same queue, work on the same schedule, and provide the same level of performance you’ve grown to expect from your internal team. These benefits paired with the affordability of nearshore software development and the limitless talent pool opened up to you in Latin America, make number8 the best decision you can make to scale your development teams.

If you’re looking for experienced software developers and don’t have the time or budget for a prolonged hiring process, it’s time to consider number8’s staff augmentation solutions.

Supplement your established development team with top nearshore consultants able to collaborate on your schedule. Our consultants are able to join any team and be productive from day 1.

Our consultants come in with the experience needed to help increase velocity from the moment they start. We can help your team adopt the practices, processes and tools to help them deliver with more agility.

From idea to working product; we can help your organization deliver faster. number8 can provide any skillset related to the development of digital products. We use our agile focus to get working products shipped to customers faster.

Leverage the cloud to give your team more flexibility. number8 consultants get your team thinking “cloud first” to make your products more robust and more resilient. We can help your team adopt the latest tools and technologies so you can see benefits sooner.


Hiring Qualified Full Stack Developers Just Got Simpler

Let’s face it, it’s expensive and time consuming to find the right developer for your team. Get talented developers delivered on your desk at a fraction of the price of hiring locally. And if we can’t find you the perfect developer? You pay nothing.

We recruit and qualify experienced developers throughout Latin America.

Our recruiters qualify number8 consultants through rigorous live assessments, video interviews and personality testing.

We recommend the best developers based on your unique needs.

Your Relationship Manager will work with you to identify your pain points and present you with developer profiles that relieve them.

You qualify the recommended candidates.

We encourage our clients to interview and assess all recommended number8 consultants to guarantee a perfect fit.


Hello! How can we help?

What is nearshore software development and how is it different from offshore?

Offshore outsourcing is a term used to describe times when an organization outsources software development services to a company in a far-away location like India or China. Typically this means development teams are separated by time zones, language barriers and cultural differences. Perhaps not surprisingly, this can cause production costs to be higher than expected. In comparison, nearshore outsourcing happens when an organization works with a software development company located in close proximity to the United States. This typically includes highly technical countries in Latin America, like Costa Rica. One of the biggest benefits of nearshore is your offsite team is located in a country that shares the same or a similar time-zone as your company. This allows you to maintain your agility and collaborate all day with your nearshore development team. In addition, working with a nearshore software development firm helps you avoid barriers associated with outsourcing like language and cultural gaps. Understandably, this creates a more efficient process, while also leading to an overall better end product.

How long has number8 been around and where are you located?

number8 is a custom software development staffing firm located in Louisville, Kentucky with nearshore offices in San Jose, Costa Rica and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Over our 22 years, we’ve partnered with a large variety of businesses including small tech startups, Fortune 100 companies and international corporations. Our experience spans across industries including healthcare, finance, technology and many more. Click here to learn more about software development Learn more about number8 and our nearshore consultants.

What types of software developers does number8 have?

The better question is...what type of software developers does your organization need? Our limitless talent pool paired with our team of experienced recruiters means we can find highly-skilled individuals with difficult-to-source skill sets fast. We've been in the custom software development business for 22 years, and have worked with software developers with experience in just about any modern tool or technology. At present, many of our software developers are using Microsoft .NET or .NET Core. We also have software development teams working in JavaScript/TypeScript (including Angular, React, Vue, Node and Ember), Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, and many others. Click here to learn more about what we do it consultingLearn more about number8's services and technologies.

How can I receive more information about number8's services and pricing?

We'd love to start a conversation about how number8 could be a smart solution to your software development pain-points. Contact us by filling out a Click here to go to our contact pagewebsite form, emailing, or calling 1-502-212-0978. You can also speak with our chatbot during normal business hours. We can often provide consultant profiles and rate quotes the same day, so don't wait to get started!

Let’s Talk Careers.

Are you a software developer looking for career advancement? Does the idea of working remotely appeal to you? Join our team of over 200 consultants throughout 11 Latin American countries that love developing great software.


What A Few Of Our Customer’s Say About Partnering With number8.

We have over 22 years of professional experience in IT consulting, working with every type of business from Fortune 100 companies to tech startups. Our experience spans across sectors including healthcare, financial services, e-commerce and many more.


Senior Software Developer FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS

I have 3 number8 developers working with me. We are kind of a little family at this point. We work together like a well-oiled machine. number8 consultants do excellent work. They know so much about us, it’s been around 4 years now working with them, and I’d love to keep them working with me.


Director Of Software Development CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA

We’ve had communication challenges with other companies we’ve worked with, but communication is a lot better with the number8 team. If they have a question, they ask. The developers are pretty clear on what they need to do.


Consulting Architect Louisville, Kentucky

Working with number8 consultants was like working with senior developers in the US. I was able to give high-level technical direction to the consultants on my team and they were able to run with it. I was most surprised by their ability to understand the business problems we were trying to solve without very detailed explanations.


Director Of Engineering Louisville, Kentucky

Leveraging number8 resources as staff augmentation for our Kanban engineering team was a great experience. The talent was competent and quick to add value to work in queue. Getting them in place was simple and the technology brought by number8 ensured the partnership with remote resources was seamless and effective.


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    We’re Everywhere

    number8’s onshore office is located in Louisville, Kentucky where our Account and Relationship Managers work hard to provide all of our clients with exceptional customer service. We also have consultant offices located in Escazú, Costa Rica and San Pedro Sula, Honduras that give us a strong local presence allowing for top-level recruitment, technical training and low employee turnover.

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