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Cloud Migration Planning Guide: 10 Things to Consider

Cloud computing has fostered business growth and agility in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. With more than 90% of organizations already using cloud services and business spending on cloud surpassing $1 million annually for over 80% of these businesses, the shift towards cloud environments is unmistakable. This guide provides the essential considerations any organization must […]

(eBook) When Agile Methodologies Meet Near-Shore Development

Our exclusive eBook, “When Agile Methodologies Meet Near-Shore Development,” is a comprehensive guide offering valuable insights, practical frameworks, and inspiring success stories to help you optimize your software development processes, reduce time-to-market, and drive business growth. Inside this eBook, you’ll discover: – The strategic advantages of agile methodologies – The benefits of nearshore development for […]

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Juan Rivas — Account Manager

Join us in celebrating Juan Rivas, an outstanding Account Manager at number8, who has been instrumental in strengthening client relationships and driving project success. With a proactive approach and a knack for problem-solving, Juan’s contributions are invaluable to our team and clients. Since joining number8 in November 2021, Juan has focused on preventing issues before […]

Optimizing In-house and Outsourced Software Development & Digital Engineering

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses relentlessly pursue innovation, exceptional product delivery, and market leadership. To navigate these challenges, it is crucial to utilize both in-house expertise and the strategic integration of outsourced software development, IT architecting, and digital engineering. The interplay between these elements is pivotal for unlocking innovation, accelerating business growth, and sustaining a […]

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Kate— Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Join us in celebrating Kate Alexander, Manager of Strategic Partnerships—a visionary leader, compassionate mentor, and guiding light in an ever-evolving industry. With over 17 years of diverse experience in the industry, Kate’s journey is a testament to her professional prowess and profound impact on the people around her. Since joining number8 in March 2019, Kate […]

Leveraging Talent & the Power Behind Remote Distributed Teams

In response to the evolving needs of modern software development, organizations are leveraging the power of remote distributed teams as a strategic approach to drive efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in their projects — ultimately accelerating their time to money and time to market. Remote distributed teams, also known as virtual teams or geographically dispersed teams, […]

Celebrating Growth: number8 to become even stronger after being acquired by Software Mind

We are thrilled to announce that number8 has been acquired by Software Mind, a global digital transformation partner renowned for its innovative solutions and extensive expertise in software engineering. “Becoming a part of a global software development company enables us to share our knowledge and experience with new markets and industries. Software Mind’s domain knowledge […]

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Monica— Our Account Manager

At number 8, we cherish the wealth of skills and diverse experiences each team member brings to the table. Today, we are delighted to spotlight the amazing Monica Lopez, our Account Manager. Getting to Know Monica: When did you start working for number8?I joined number8 in August 2019. What do you do at number8?In my […]

Next-Gen Nearshoring White Paper — Solutions for Software Development Challenges

Amidst the complex landscape of challenges faced by software development organizations in 2024, our White Paper, Next-Gen Nearshoring: A Guide for CTOs and Product Development Leaders, illuminates innovative strategies for overcoming obstacles and revolutionizing software development approaches. The white paper navigates the intricacies of four prevailing challenges: In response to these challenges, IT organizations grapple […]

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