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Attracting Tech Talent – Things We Can Learn From 5 Successful Software Firms

Growing American companies are competing more and more to recruit top tech talent to help with IT and operations. When businesses fail to fulfill their tech talent needs, it can have a serious negative impact on their overall growth as well as research and development. The key to filling these roles isn’t just trying to […]

reputation management

10 Ways to Stay On Top of Reputation Management as a CEO

The internet is an incredible resource for finding out just about anything you could ever want to know. As a CEO, you should really consider how that level of resourcefulness could affect your business. Potential clients use search and social media as tools to gather information regarding your brand and its reputation. So ask yourself […]

inspirational quotes

25 Inspirational Quotes All CEOs Should Know & Share With Their IT Teams

No matter the product, no matter the consumer, all businesses need strong leadership. Without an effective leader to get behind, a business is like a rudderless ship adrift in the sea of its market. CEOs know they have strong communication and organizational skills, but there’s also a need for charisma and positivity if they want […]


In a World of Constantly Changing IT, Here are 5 Skills A CIO Needs To Have In Order to Succeed

Unlike the Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer, the role of a Chief Information Officer is not so easily defined. Generally, we can assume that the CIO is in charge of all IT aspects within a company. However, CIOs may also be responsible for tasks including creating business value through technology, strategic planning of […]

leadership skills

10 Daily Practices of CEOs That Improve Their Leadership Skills

What makes a good CEO? Every company needs a powerful boss with strong leadership skills to steer it towards the direction of success. There is no blueprint for the perfect company leader. However, data does suggest that successful CEOs are highly communicative, adaptable to change, reliable, and able to make decisions quickly and with confidence. Another […]