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How to Find the Best Talent for Your Team

Often when we are hiring, we look for someone who will work hard, be reliable and honest, someone who has the right skill set, will fit in with the climate of the office and become truly invested in the company. Finding that perfect fit however, tends to be quite the feat; and given the significant amount of time and money that it takes to on-board someone, it’s important that it works out. Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to finding the right people for you team no matter the industry:

Beginning the Hunt

Start by looking at your best hires, whether they be present or past. What characteristics or traits do they all have in common? Inquire about where these people looked for jobs when they were applying, and what they were doing before they joined your team. These might prove to be valuable insights going forward in terms of what to look for in new hires and where you might find good ones.

Because birds of a feather flock together, consider also asking existing employees for any candidates they might know of. Chances are, if they are willing to stick their neck out on this person’s behalf and are willing to work with them, they might be worth looking into. 

If and when you do post, try to be specific in your ad in order to weed out unqualified candidates.

The Interview Process

So you’ve cast your net and caught a fish, how do you know if it’s the right one? The interview process is a crucial point in determining if an applicant is worth the investment. Unfortunately, typical interview questions have become somewhat predictable and the answers to them even more rehearsed. Because of this, more often than not, they are not good markers in truly vetting someone. To avoid this pitfall, don’t be afraid to make up your own questions and throw a few curve balls in for good measure.

It’s even okay to go off topic and have a personal conversation, as you might find out more than you bargained for in a good way. For example, learning about their passions and interests outside of work usually sheds light on what really drives them professionally. 

It’s also important that their needs match yours, so instead of diving in by telling them exactly what you’re looking for, ask them what they’re looking for in their next role first. This ensures a more honest answer and not one that just merely reflect yours.

When determining the location for the interview, consider meeting up in place that’s out of their comfort zone. Perhaps a meal at a restaurant, where you can determine how well they are able to keep a conversation going and have time to see their true personality come out. Don’t interview alone, getting another perspective is always beneficial in that everyone thinks differently and they might be able to see something you don’t.

Lastly, take notes on how well they dress, their overall curiosity about the job and company, how they communicate their responses, and whether or not they follow up with you as a courtesy. These are all critical tellers in some way or another.

Decision Time

When it comes to deciding if a person should join your team or not, diversity is an important factor. A successful team is one that is diverse in their skill set and perspective. How would this person help the company grow in new ways and how well will they work with the other members of the team? If their resume isn’t related to the current position in a clear cut way, do their skills translate?

Before calling them back, dig deep when it comes to their references and online identity. Don’t ignore any doubts or hire in a hurry out of necessity. For extra assurance, ask them to complete a task so you can see how well they perform under pressure and manage their time. If all goes well, a trial hire is always a good option to see if it’s the right fit.

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