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How to Connect With Remote Workers

connecting with remote workers

These days, high amounts of Americans are working from home due to the Coronavirus.

But that’s not all. Many employees say they prefer working from homeCovid has proved to many companies that sometimes, some functions are just done better from the comfort of the home. 

However, one of the drawbacks of working with remote workers is the lack of connection. While they might be more productive working from home, employees working remotely miss out on some of the team-building that makes a job feel worthwhile. 

This article will walk you through a few tips on connecting with remote workers. 

Check In

This one may seem obvious, but it’s shocking how easy it is to forget to check in with your employees when you’re working with them virtually.  

Working in an office, it’s easy to pop over to an employee’s cubicle, desk, or office, or to stop them in a hallway, and ask them how they’re doing. However, these opportunities are limited in the world of remote work. 

Schedule time to check in with each of your employees. It can seem unnatural to schedule something that you used to do spontaneously, but crisis dictates change. 

Checking in with your employees proves to them that you care about their experiences. 

Understand How To Communicate 

The remote work era has given birth to a unique problem — unnecessary meetings. 32 percent of workers find themselves thinking that a lot of the meetings they find themselves in could have been emails.

One of the best ways you can create a company culture is to make sure you’re communicating the right way. Remote meetings are hard to sit through — they don’t have the same level of engagement that in-person meetings do. That means you should keep them to a minimum. 

Understanding when information can be conveyed over email or slack is important for succeeding in this brave new world. You also might even be able to have a whole conversation over email. 

Involve Them 

You’re going to need to go the extra mile and make sure that you’re putting in the effort to involve your employees when you’re working remotely. Employees just won’t be naturally able to absorb all of the changes that the company goes through.

Consider making use of a “motivation Monday” or some other sort of weekly update to make sure your employees stay in the loop. If you need more reasons why you should hire more remote workers, check out this article on that subject. 

Connect With Your Remote Workers 

It’s harder to connect with remote workers than it is to connect with workers you see in person. However, when you check in with your workers, understand how and when to communicate with them, and involve them with your company updates, they’ll feel the same level of community they would have if you were working in person.

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