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Finding the best offshore software developers in 2021

It’s no secret within the U.S. technology sector that Latin America is the go-to place for finding software development and programming talent, particularly for U.S.-based companies. Demand for skilled developers is incredibly high; and available supply of qualified technology professionals and new talent simply cannot keep pace. This is particularly true in the United States, where the tech sector is expanding exponentially, and new programming and technology science graduation rates are not meeting continually increasing demand.    According to The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the U.S. tech industry’s economic impact is $1.9 billion, representing approximately 10 percent of the national economy. According to TechRepublic and other industry sources, demand for tech talent in the United States outpaced supply by nearly 78 percent. This statistic reflects a total of 65,000 new (U.S.-based) computer science graduates in 2019, compared to 307,000 new tech jobs opening the same year. When your company’s software developers and engineers are delivering exceptional results for clients, yet cannot adequately meet demand, that’s a pretty big supply/demand gap to fill.   Thus, this age-old imbalance has produced a favorable market for tech sector job seekers. Yet, if your company is in need of qualified developers and programmers ASAP – where do you turn? In 2021, Central and South American countries have become go-to, reliable sources of highly qualified talent ready to get to work.  And there are lots of good reasons why.    While India historically has been top-of-list for offshore tech recruiting and contracting, nearshore recruiting may be a more effective strategy for many U.S.-based companies to consider. There are a range of benefits to building a remote Latin American talent pool to supplement your technical teams.  What follows are a few points to consider when pursuing nearshore tech developers and programmers.

Cost savings and high-quality talent combined

The supply/demand gap in the U.S. gives job seekers in the technology sector an upper hand. Stateside tech professionals’ average wages far surpass those of an equally qualified talent pool originating from South American countries. This most likely is due in part to lower costs of higher education in these countries. Additionally, not only do most U.S.-based jobs pay more than those in Latin American (and Asian) countries, the median wage of a U.S. tech worker is nearly double the median national wage. So, companies seeking overall cost savings are wise to pursue Latin American talent, as average wages are less.  Additionally, neither highly qualified new graduates nor seasoned professionals typically enjoy the same level of professional opportunity as their U.S.-based cohorts. Cost savings aside, there are a host of other benefits to consider with nearshore recruitment.

English language fluency and less time lag

No matter the field of business, communication among and between teams is essential. That’s where a huge benefit of using nearshore talent comes into play. At number8, we work to recruit, evaluate, and hire the perfect tech talent match for your stateside team. We want them to merge seamlessly with your associates and become a member of the team – because optimum synergy means exceptional results. When using nearshore Latin American software developers and other tech talent, there are no concerns with English fluency and communication breakdown due to language differences.    Additionally, your company’s Latin American tech talent typically will live within five hours of your stateside-based company and employees. That’s within a typical “business day”, which means quicker project turnaround and more efficient team communication. When using offshore talent based in India or Eastern Europe, delays of up to 12 hours may be the norm, which doesn’t facilitate efficiency or productivity.     When your company is ready to recruit Latin American tech talent, number8’s full-stack consultants can help.   Hiring and recruiting the right talent for ANY role is an all-consuming job. And we know that sometimes, a short-term contractor is what you need. Do away with potentially expensive, time-consuming candidate searches, and trust the professionals at number8 to find the perfect fit.    We specialize in finding the very best candidates for the job and handling all the details that go along with that on your behalf. No more interviews and onboarding delays with interns and temporary hires. Let us be the eighth person on your team – and we’ll get the job done right in no time.

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