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5 Non-Tech Related Questions To Ask When Applying For A Tech Job

questions to ask during a tech interview

The tech interview process is perhaps the most nerve-wracking part of searching for a new job. It can be an especially intimidating interaction when it comes to the tech community considering the highly specific skills required for most positions. However, the process does not have to be such a stressful one. With a little bit of confidence and research, it can actually be an extremely constructive experience for both you and your potential employer.

During a tech interview, you may feel as though your focus must remain entirely on the technological aspects of the position, but it is important to know as much as possible about the type of company you’re applying for other than just what kind of work they do. While you may be focusedon asking technical questions related to your particular skillset and the demands of the position you are seeking, there are also some non tech questions you should ask during the interview. Follow along for some great suggestions from the Number8 IT team.

5 Non-Tech Questions to Ask During a Tech Interview

Here are a few simple, non-tech questions to ask during a tech interview to help you decide whether or not you are right for the company, and vice versa.

1. What are your company’s current priorities? How would I, as a new hire, assist with those goals?

Depending on the company, your interviewer may not be able to give you a detailed description of their business plans. They should, however, be able to offer a general idea of the direction in which they are headed. Before deciding your interest level in a job, you should first be able to orient yourself within the specific goals of the company in question. Will you be able to offer relevant services? Will you be engaged and interested in the work? You should evaluate the level at which you are aligned with this company and its priorities.

2. What kind of training will the new hire go through?

Having an idea of what type of training process the company uses will be helpful in terms of planning ahead. Perhaps the training will be intensive and include seminars, or testing to ensure you are up to date with all the services your company provides. Or training could be more of a see-as-we-go approach where you are expected to just drop in and pick up techniques along the way. This can be a helpful bit of information depending on your learning style. If you are a person who needs a step-by-step guide to be able to work efficiently, then you may not fit with a company that has a more free form style of training.

3. Is there a particular dress code that the office follows?

You can probably pick up on the general environment of the office based on how your interviewer is dressed. However, you should still ask about dress code expectations because they may change. Within the tech world, dress etiquette fluctuates from jeans and tee shirts to full on suits and ties. It may seem like an irrelevant, or even superficial question to ask, but dressing appropriately is essential to success.

4. What does an average workday look like in terms of in-office hours, versus off-site work? How many hours is a new hire expected to work per week?

This is a technical question that many people often forget to ask because it is easy to assume that any kind of office job will follow the typical 9-5 schedule. But in tech jobs, where you may be interacting with clients across the globe and across time zones, you may need to follow an unorthodox schedule. That may carry over into working from home, or off-site in the case of visiting with clients. It may seem awkward to inquire about specific hours, but before you accept a position you should have a solid idea of what kind of time commitment is expected of you.

5. What do you like best about working for this company? What is the company culture like?

If you have been searching for a job for awhile, it can be easy to accept any offer that comes you way. But just because you have been offered a position, does not necessarily mean you should accept it. To determine whether or not you want the job, you should find out if the company will be enjoyable to work for. If you cannot find satisfaction or pleasure in your work environment then your work itself will suffer greatly.

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