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The Predictive Index Helps You Hire The Best Developers For Your Teams

The Predictive Index

Looking for the perfect developer for your development teams? Learn why using The Predictive Index can help ensure you hire the right team member.

There are a variety of reasons US companies struggle to find great development talent. There are the traditional hardships of finding qualified candidates and budgetary concerns, and now much of the hiring process is taking place virtually, making it difficult to get an accurate read on the temperament of potential hires.

But even the most qualified candidates may just be a bad fit with the rest of the team, especially in staff augmentation outsourcing engagements.

This is where The Predictive Index can help.

While IT outsourcing for recruitment needs may be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Staff augmentation allows companies to bring on new offsite developers and get more done effortlessly. But that alone doesn’t guarantee candidates will be a good personality and cultural fit with internal teams.

This is why it’s important to consult with a staffing firm that implements personality assessments. These assessments ensure that besides meeting technical qualifications, candidates will be the right personality match with the company. This makes it easy to streamline the IT recruitment process and avoid costly mis-hires.

What Is the Predictive Index Assessment?

The Predictive Index is a talent-sourcing tool. Employers and staffing agencies can use it to review potential hires and their workplace behavior.

Though it is untimed, it usually only takes around six minutes to complete. The assessment focuses on four aspects of a candidate’s behavioral patterns. These are dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality.

After completing the test, candidates receive two lists of adjectives describing them. Additionally, candidates are categorized into one of 17 profiles. All this information helps provide a full-picture image of the candidate.

Unlike other personality tests, the Predictive Index assessment is scientifically validated. It is specifically designed for use at all levels of the employment lifecycle. You can count on these results from hiring to retirement.

The Predictive Index uses behavioral data to provide simple tools to help build teams and align strategies. With one simple assessment, it measures an applicant’s motivations, drives, and needs.

It is not a pass/fail test. Rather, the Predictive Index assessment produces a single score. This figure is then referenced against a table of scores. From there, candidates can see how likely they are to be successful in a given industry.

This tool is a great addition to the recruitment process for any software development company hiring team. It is trusted by thousands of companies, including Nissan, Chick-fil-A, and Canon.

Using the Predictive Index in IT Staffing

The Predictive Index guides the hiring process even before posting the job. The assessment helps to identify which traits a successful candidate would need.

Hiring professionals can then create job targets based on what type of person is right for the position and, ultimately, the company.

The job posting can be cultivated based on the successful traits identified by the test. Some of these include:

  • What motivates the candidate
  • What drives them to be successful
  • Best work environments
  • Cognitive abilities

IT Recruitment agencies that rely on the Predictive Index have a much better chance of identifying the best cultural fits within an organization.

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Personality for the Role?

Of course, the Predictive Index test is not the only aspect included in the hiring decision. However, by including this technology in the process, there will be a higher chance of hiring a successful team member.

In fact, there are a variety of benefits a company can expect when hiring a developer with both the technical skills and the right personality fit.

These benefits include:

  • Higher productivity
  • Stronger communication
  • Improved collaboration
  • Greater attention to detail
  • Ability to self-start on new tasks
  • Heightened motivation
  • More employee engagement

Overall, hiring employees who fit well with the skill level, as well as the culture of your existing team, keeps everyone on the same page. Competing personalities and mismatched working styles are reduced. This paves the way for greater productivity across the board.

Plus, if there are any red flags in the hiring process, they can be easily identified and addressed before they become a bigger problem.

Finding the Staffing Agency to Match Your Team’s Needs

The process of identifying, recruiting, and selecting development candidates can be stressful. Consider an IT outsourcing partner that recruits and qualifies candidates not only on their technical skills but also on their ability to fit well within the culture of the company.

number8 goes above and beyond the competition when it comes to finding the right developers to match the needs and personalities of your team.

Consult with number8 today about your IT staffing needs—and see how the Predictive Index can work for you.

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