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How to Prevent Development Team Burnout

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Summary: Work-life balance has become a struggle as more developers work from home. Read more to learn how to avoid development team burnout.

If you own a software development company or manage a software development team, it’s likely your developers are experiencing burnout due to the pandemic.

Developer burnout has been on the rise since COVID-19 stormed into our lives. This is largely due to many people having to work from home who aren’t accustomed to doing so.

In fact, 68% of tech workers say they’re feeling more burned out working from home than when they worked in the office. Sure, software developers don’t have the rat race of commuting anymore, but they picked up some new stress sources.

These sources include unmanageable workloads, less work-life balance, and most significantly more hours on the job. According to a recent survey, 60% of tech workers are working more hours than they were prior to the pandemic.

Terri Paterson, a psychologist, and principal at ControlRisks, insists there’s a broader and more stressed population and workforce than before the pandemic hit.

It’s more important than ever to prevent developer burnout and give your employees the support they need.

What You Can Do to Avoid Development Team Burnout

One of the simplest things you can do if your dev teams are strained is partner with a nearshore outsourcing firm. Outsourcing some of the workload will help take the weight off your internal dev teams and allow them to get back to feeling their best and working toward innovation rather than general maintenance.

A staff augmentation outsourcing model is best for these situations. In this model, your organization simply hires on remote developers to join your internal teams. This allows you to scale efficiently without outsourcing any projects outside of your organization. You’ll be able to spread your resources more evenly, improve workforce capability, and augment teams with the right skill sets.

By taking these steps you’ll ensure that each person has time to fulfill their role. You’ll also be able to keep your teams from being overwhelmed ensuring a more positive work environment and less employee turnover.

In addition, when you hire nearshore developers, you benefit from lower costs, similar time zones, and large talent pools.

Nearshore Is the Way To Go

Now that you understand how to avoid team burnout and what nearshore hiring can do for you, it’s time to take action. Hiring nearshore can really help your bottom line and change how your company operates positively.

number8 recruits and recommends senior, agile software developers from Latin America to U.S. based development teams struggling to find and hire top development talent. Our staff augmentation model allows organizations to avoid the time zone, cultural, and language barriers typically associated with outsourcing development.

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