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7 Ways Chief Officers in IT Can Improve Employee Engagement

An employee can either be an IT company’s best or worst asset. For example, chief officers who do not prioritize employee engagement often find their employees lack energy and have a pattern of absenteeism. As a result, the company can suffer from high and costly turnover rates.

However, it has been shown that employees who are actively involved within their company are not only more committed to their work but more productive as well. Properly engaged employees can move a company forward by solving problems as well as growing the customer base and increasing profitability.

Here are 7 ways a chief officer in IT can help encourage their employees to feel emotionally connected to their work as well as have a stake in the well being of the company itself.

1. Provide Adequate Tools 

It’s important that employees not only have what they need to do the job, but the resources to go the extra mile as well. Too often tools and equipment are overlooked; impeding an employee’s path to success and preventing innovation within an organization. A simple and streamlined infrastructure ensures everyone is working in an environment that is efficient rather than bureaucratic.

2. Understand Their “Why”

Get to know why your employees do what they do. What motivates them to come to work everyday? Showing a genuine interest in their lives not only demonstrates respect on behalf of the organization, but it also provides valuable insight into how they will thrive most at work. For example, do they like public recognition, autonomy, responsibility, direct feedback, etc. Once you have a better understanding of your employees as people, you will find it easier to engage them in their work.

3. Cultivate the Right Atmosphere

Consider what kind of atmosphere best suits your organization’s culture, as the right one can increase performance. Don’t be afraid to reinvent the wheel by creating group work spaces or keep with traditional offices. Provide the option to have standing desks over sitting ones, background music, and flexible office hours. Catering to your employees personalities could go a long way in boosting their drive. 

4. Listen

Give employees with the opportunity to be heard. As a company, address their problems and take their ideas into consideration; even implementing them when possible. Giving employees a voice means the company can benefit from new ideas and solutions.

5. Foster Relationships

Chances are team projects will be more successful if employees enjoy working together. Encourage communication and host events where colleagues can socialize with one another, whether it be during a service project, mixer, lunch, or holiday party.

6. Continued Education 

Providing training or coaching to employees is the best way to prevent them from job hopping and even attracts new talent. Investing in your employees makes them feel valued and an important part of the team. Additional education also means the company gains more knowledge and skilled workers. 

7. Provide Incentives

Reward engagement with gifts, bonuses, and promotions. As chief officer, be clear about the company’s goals and incentivize specific behaviors that fall in line with the overall mission. If employees receive honest and open transparency about what is expected of them, they’ll have a better connection to their job and role within the organization. 

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