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Software Developer Salaries: What You Need To Know

software developer salary 2022

Software developers are some of the most important people in modern society. They create and maintain our digital lives, making it possible for us to do everything from sending email messages or playing games on mobile phones all while being hooked up with online shopping sites that will keep track of how much time you spend browsing them!

In 2022, practically every industry relies on technology. Now more than ever, companies depend heavily on computer systems to function. There is a role for software developers to play in essentially every business.

If you have ever thought of pursuing a career in software development, you may wonder how much money a software developer makes. You might be wondering how much money a software developer makes.  The fact of the matter is that software developers and engineers make a considerable amount of money compared to many other professions. Even still, developer salary expectations have risen significantly over the past decade.

Why Are Software Developer’s Salary Expectations Rising?

Supply and Demand

These software developer salary expectations are simple: supply and demand. In 2022, businesses run on technology, creating a never-ending demand for software engineers. There are not enough developers to meet the enormous demand in the industry, so quality software developers are paid a premium. Not to mention, a great software engineer brings massive value to any business. Businesses must consider all of these factors regarding a software developer’s salary.

Changing Technology

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and the skillset to keep up with it isn’t quick to come by. Software development is no easy feat, and it takes an immense effort for software developers to keep their skills up to date. Software engineering differs from many other professions because the scope of work is constantly changing. Developers must be highly adaptable. The development landscape is continually shifting, so developers must improve their skills often to stay profitable. Being able to code is just the first step, but a good developer never stops learning.

Job Volume

The software development field is growing not only in salary but also in job volume. In response to the digital revolution starting in the early 2000s and the growth of the internet, software development has become one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. 

This rapid speed of growth is significantly faster than the average for all other occupations, and there is a massive disparity in the wage changes for software engineers and the general public. Since 2000, the average software developer salary has increased by 131%, while the average salary for other professions has increased by 34%.

The demand for talented developers is at an all-time high, but it will only get higher. It is estimated that the software development field will grow by about 22% by 2030, with an expected 409,500 jobs added by that time.


So, How Much Does a Software Developer Make?

Many factors play into what each software developer makes. Salaries vary based on employer, region, education, types of developers, industry, and specialty.

On average, a software developer in the United States earns a little over $100,000 a year, though they may supplement extra income with freelance or consulting work. On average, the top 25% of software developers make an average of $136,320, and the bottom 25% earn $82,430.

For developers located in tech hubs or places with higher living costs, average annual salaries are even higher. Because of the huge demand, if companies in these areas aren’t willing to pay a competitive salary, it’s easy for a software engineer to find a good-paying job elsewhere. Software Developers living in these states have the highest mean salary:

  1. Washington ($138,400)
  2. California ($137,620)
  3. New York ($122,300)
  4. Massachusetts ($119,790)
  5. District of Columbia ($119,630)

In many cases, the tech department is one of the most important teams in the company. Poorly developed tech services can cost a company a hefty amount of money. Software engineers are making a lot of money because they prevent costly issues from happening and fix them swiftly when they do.

While these averages are significantly higher across the board than many other professions, they’re predicted to continue climbing along with continued technological demands in the coming years.

Breaking Down Developer Salaries

In addition to region and education, factors such as role, specialty, industry, and employer affect a software developer’s salary. Developers in different fields have different responsibilities, resulting in differing wages.

Types of Software Developers

1. Front-end Developer

Front-end developers build the parts of a website or app that the user interacts with. On average, experienced front-end developers make a base salary of about $106,637 a year.

2. Back-end Developer

Back-end developers build the foundation of an application by connecting everything that the program depends on to function in the back-end. On average, experienced back-end developers make a base salary of around $122,445 a year.

3. Mobile Developer

Mobile developers build applications for mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Mobile development is becoming even more important now that mobile devices generate more than half of web traffic. On average, mobile developers make a base salary of about $117,644 a year.

4. Full-stack Developer

Full-stack developers do it all. Full-stack developers must handle everything involved in engineering systems, constructing databases, and integrating and configuring servers. This wide assortment of skills makes them especially desirable to companies with various needs. On average, experienced full-stack developers make a base salary of $125,000 annually.


Good developers are indispensable to a company. A team of just a few developers can bring massive value to a business through profitable apps and platforms. A developer’s salary is minuscule compared to the amount of money a team of experienced developers can bring in.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, software engineers make a lot of money because they offer immense value to a business, have a highly-demand skill set, and do challenging work. Because of the technological rise in the past two decades, engineers are needed more than ever. There aren’t enough developers to meet the demand even with the growing industry.

The trend is not likely to slow down either. More and more, businesses are depending on technology. Innovative software drives massive profits, and companies need developers to create and run these programs. As technology continues to adapt and progress, the demand for good software developers will continue to increase, and developer salaries will continue to rise.

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