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Who Uses A Scrum Approach and Why Should You?

Scrum Approach to Agile Development

Summary: Wondering what agile framework is best? Learn more about the scrum approach and how it’s helping different industries work more efficiently.

The scrum framework has made a major impact in software development world in recent years by enabling teams to complete projects using an agile methodology. Now other industry sectors outside of software development are benefiting from the agile scrum approach.

Scrum helps teams work together more efficiently and effectively to complete a common goal. This strategy has consistently helped improve organization, collaboration, and communication, often resulting in a higher quality finished product and better overall project team morale.

One of the central elements of the agile scrum process is the daily team meeting referred to as a stand-up. This time is used to keep all group members focused on the most important priorities. Although the scrum framework is typically associated with software development companies, other types of organizations are jumping on board to reap the benefit.

Industry Sectors Currently Benefiting from an Agile Scrum Approach

Most companies are faced with hardships or difficult tasks at some point in time. By distributing the work among different members in a collaborative group setting, the task tends to become much simpler. Examples of other industries using a scrum approach include education, military, marketing, and automotive.



Many universities are finding that scrum techniques help them better accomplish their goals. With many disparate departments and areas of interest in universities, things can become complicated and unorganized very quickly. And the importance of different university departments working together in cross-functional collaboration has never been greater. Using a scrum methodology has helped universities increase organization and effectiveness.



Scrum is increasing in popularity among marketing agencies. The framework allows for these cross-functional teams to organize their tasks within a backlog that keeps everyone focused on specific priorities. The daily meetings built within the approach allows for constant feedback and collaboration. Stakeholders appreciate having the ear of the product manager who can regularly champion their concerns to the entire team.



The U.S. government, particularly various military groups, is another organization that relies on scrum to successfully operate. A scrum approach is often used when deploying ships or keeping different units on the same track. When good communication that is efficient and effective is a life and death matter, scrum proves to offer a helpful framework.



Some vehicle manufacturers have begun to adopt a scrum approach to project management as well. Because the traditional auto industry tends to operate in slower development cycles, an agile scrum approach offers an opportunity to speed up the pace of innovation. An increasing number of companies and industries are relying on an agile scrum approach to keep projects moving in an organized and efficient manner.

Overall, scrum can be beneficial to any organization or company willing to make the move from a top-down approach to project management to a more collaborative, cross-functional, and agile process.

How to Get Started

While there is plenty of online information about the scrum process it may also be helpful to participate in group training where you can ask questions and learn from other people already using this approach.

When you complete training through an organization like the Scrum Alliance, you can become certified in a variety of different roles that are part of a typical scrum team. These certifications include the following:

Certified Scrum Master or CSM
Certified Product Owner or CSPO
Certified Scrum Developer or CSD
Certified Scrum Professional or CSP
Certified Scrum Coach or CSC
Certified Scrum Trainer or CST

Hand-in-hand with training, the opportunity to use scrum for different projects is the best way to gain mastery of this unique approach to project management.

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