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12 Questions To Ask Any Offshore Software Development Company

12 Questions for Offshore

Summary: Offshore software development can be risky, but asking these 12 questions can help you find the right outsourcing partner for your company.

Your company is growing, but you may notice that the resources available are limited. Especially when it comes to development talent. In the United States, there is a shortage of software developers. To help deal with this problem, many experts suggest companies be flexible with their hiring and look towards offshore alternatives.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore custom software development, or offshore custom software engineering, is the process of looking to a faraway country for talent to help with information technology, project design, engineering, coding, and other areas of expertise. Offshore software development provides a cost-efficient solution for the developer shortage American companies face, but also comes with a laundry list of other issues.

There are four basic ways to use offshore developers:
Project based outsourcing: Includes hiring remote teams to complete part or all of a software development project.
IT Staff Augmentation: Allows organizations to augment their existing teams with the specific personnel they need in order to reach their business objectives.
Application Programming and Maintenance: Companies may choose to rely on outside help to ensure their applications are updated and running smoothly.
Updating Legacy Systems: Involves hiring a remote team to migrate to a new technology.

How you’re planning to use offshore developers will determine the questions you will want to ask. However, we’ve listed 12 questions that you should ask any offsite software developer regardless of your business plans.

12 Questions to Ask Any Offshore Software Development Company

If you think your company can benefit from offshore development, be sure to ask the following questions when searching for a reliable company to help with talent recruitment.

    1. How do you find, recruit, and hire your developers?
    2. How do you test the skill level of the developers?
    3. Where are the developers located?
    4. Do the developers have experience working with U.S. based companies?
    5. Are your developers familiar with agile development?
    6. Will the developers work on the same schedule as my internal teams and be able to communicate when I need them?
    7. How will your offshore developers help our company save time and money on software development?
    8. Are the developers fluent in English?
    9. How do your developers test applications and document bugs or errors?
    10. Will the developers on my project have experience completing projects similar to the one being proposed?
    11. Will the same developers initially assigned to the project be on the team for the duration of the development effort?
    12. Who receives the source code and related materials and eventually owns the completed project?

It is rare that an offshore development team in a faraway location can provide you with both a cost-effective solution and a collaborative partnership with highly-skilled developers.

The Alternative: Nearshore Software Development

If you’re not getting the answers you’re looking for while searching for an offshore vendor, it’s time to consider nearshore outsourcing.
Nearshore is similar to offshore outsourcing because it is less expensive than hiring internally or remote U.S. based consultants. However, unlike offshore outsourcing, you’ll work with developers located within the same or a similar time zone as your U.S. based teams.

Choosing a nearshore partner like number8 ensures that the developers joining your team are English-fluent, trained in agile, rigorously vetted through live-coding challenges, and in it for the complete duration of the engagement. Learn more about the differences between offshore, nearshore, and onshore outsourcing Learn more about the differences between offshore, nearshore, and onshore outsourcinghere.

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