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How the Pandemic Is Reshaping Software Development Teams

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has caused a huge disruption in society around the world. People need to social distance and quarantine themselves in order to prevent the spread of infection, but work still needs to be done.


Some employees are choosing to continue remote work and some companies have found it to be very productive. Here’s how software development teams were impacted and how the industry has changed during the global pandemic. 

COVID Work and Employee Impact

The average work environment has changed significantly as a result of COVID. When employees work from home, there have to be improvements in communication, technology, and expectations as a result.


According to the Pew Research Center, only 20% of employees worked from home before the pandemic. As of December last year, that number rose to over 70%. Additionally, half of those employees wanted to continue remote work from home.


Employers have had to resort to Zoom and other video call conference services in order to stay connected. Some companies needed to implement more mental health awareness for those stuck at home. Others found not much had changed in the aftermath. 

Software Development Teams’ 2021 Changes

The overall impact of COVID on software development teams is constantly in flux as uncertainty about the pandemic continues. While some businesses are pushing to return to the office, others are letting employees continue remote work. 


Some of the changes in software development teams included increased productivity, increased digital spending, and evolving consumer demands.


Despite predictions otherwise, most workers working from home actually reported improved progress on DevOps initiatives. Other sectors reported similar results, such as an increase in CRM activity. 


As more industries shifted toward digital usage, there was an increase in digital spending. Even though software spending slightly lowered, there was an increase in the overall budget.

Since workers were affected by COVID restrictions, so too were their consumer behaviors. Groceries could be ordered online and delivered the same day. Retailers had to adapt if they wanted to thrive. 

One of the biggest software development changes was the increased need for their line of work. Software experts delivered quick solutions for new problems. Conversely, easy-to-navigate software may drive down the need for software engineers while increasing the need for of traditional developers. 

There’s also more awareness of employees outside of the local area. Since many companies are allowing more remote work opportunities, it isn’t necessary for a new employee to live nearby.

Software Development Moving Foward

A lesson everyone has learned throughout the pandemic is that an employee doesn’t need to be at a physical workplace to get a job done. The same goes for software development teams. In some cases, it’s actually more efficient and affordable to outsource your work.

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