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Texas Businesses pick Nearshoring Over Offshoring

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When it comes to meeting the United States’s demand for tech talent, the country comes up short. This presents a problem, especially for growing Texas tech companies. How do businesses fulfill the needs presented by growth when the manpower simply isn’t there? The answer is nearshore outsourcing.

Many Texas tech companies choose nearshore outsourcing to bridge the gap. Nearshore combines the benefits of onshore outsourcing with the affordability of offshore. For Texas businesses, in particular, using tech developers in Central America is more convenient than doing business between states. Flight costs for Houston to Costa Rica rival those of interstate flights– and flight time is only 3 1/2 hours. Team leaders can easily travel from the home office to developers when they need to. Nearshore developers also work in the same time zone, which allows more effective communication and eliminates the challenges of working on different schedules. These are just a few of the benefits of nearshore development outsourcing for Texas businesses…

Nearshore Outsourcing Alleviates Communication Challenges

When it comes to IT development, communication can make or break a project. Clear and effective communication is essential for project success, but when working with offshore developers that communication can become muddled. Not only do you have to take language and cultural barriers into account, the loss of inflection in digital messages means one simple sentence can be interpreted various ways.

Of course, working with nearshore developers doesn’t mean you’ll be speaking face-to-face with your team on a daily basis, but the proximity of nearshore outsourcing means there is less of a cultural gap– less room for interpretation. Clear and effective communication is crucial for web design. With nearshore developers, communicating is simpler, easier, and more effective.

Focus on Core Business Functions

As the leader of your business, focusing on the core functions is crucial. Your business’s core functions are the new things that create differentiation– the things that make your business stand out from competitors. When you outsource contextual functions, it allows your company to exponentially grow. The key is outsourcing with people that specialize in the practices your business needs help completing. Nearshore outsourcing provides greater efficiency and productivity in context projects so you can spend your working hours focusing on the bottom line.

Reducing Overhead Costs with Nearshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is affordable– there’s no denying that. However, there are hidden costs when you work with offshore developers:

  1. Hidden transition costs
  2. Productivity lags
  3. Team management
  4. Ramp-up costs
  5. Contract management

Nearshore outsourcing is as affordable as offshore, but the benefits of working with people closer to your home office reduce the hidden costs. For instance, you are less likely to suffer from productivity lags when you work with people with whom you can communicate effectively right off the bat. Additionally, managing a nearshore team is much easier and travel costs are significantly more affordable.


At Number8, we help Texas businesses optimize their operations with nearshore outsourcing. Our teams–both foreign and domestic– provide effective communication and service that allow your business to grow at a rate that keeps up with your market. If you’re interested in learning more about Number8 and what we do, give us a call at 502-212-0978!



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