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Answers to Common Questions About Front-End JavaScript Frameworks

Pablo Palacios answers common questions about JavaScript

Summary: Deciding which front-end JavaScript framework is best for your next project? This article will help you understand the differences between common frameworks, Angular, Vue, and React and bring you one step closer to developing your next application.


We sat down with senior JavaScript developer, Pablo Palacios, to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about popular JavaScript frameworks. Pablo has 15 years of development experience, is a remote work advocate, and is (lucky for us) a number8 consultant currently living in Ecuador.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Front-End JavaScript Frameworks?

Currently, the three big ones are Angular, React, and Vue. Some other new frameworks (or libraries) like Svelte are promising but not ready for production development, and some are already vanishing (AngularJS, backbone, and others).

The JavaScript stack has a very fast-evolving ecosystem of frameworks and libraries that can be very hard to follow and sometimes maintain. Meaning, the most important thing when working in Javascript is having a good team of well-seasoned developers and architects working on your project.

What Are The Key Differences Between Angular, Vue, and React?

Angular, Vue, and React represent three different types of JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Angular is a fully-fledged, front-end framework, Vue is a progressive framework, and React is a library.

Angular will have most of the essential components needed to build an application already included. As well, those components will be well maintained and trustable. Finally, it has a highly opinionated structure. This structure makes it ideal for creating complex applications that will require continued maintenance and scalability over time.

Vue will allow the developer or team to start small and grow as large and complex as needed adding required components over time.

React, as a library, does one task and does that task well. In the case of React, that task is building highly interactive interfaces. It is open and un-opinionated. This structure provides extensive freedom. The drawbacks occur when the application grows and when developers need to add dependencies to make the application work as required. These dependencies make the application harder to scale and maintain over time.

Which Is Best In Terms Of Performance?

The employed architecture and the knowledge available within the development team can affect the performance of each. Angular, React, and Vue can all be performant on small or large-scale applications.

When an application needs to be performant and scalable, its success is tied to a variety of factors. The initial architecture decisions, a well-structured application, the use of proper development patterns and clean code, and a mature development process all play into how scalable and performant the application will be.

Which JavaScript Front-End Framework is best for large or small applications?

A common myth is that Angular is only suitable for large applications while React is only suitable for small ones. In reality, the differences are less apparent. Any of the three options could be perfect for any project, from small simple applications to large complex ones.

It is essential to have someone who will help make a more informed choice from the beginning. An architectural consultant can guide on the intricacies of each platform and assist in recommending the best fit. These consultants will take into account the requirements of the application, the existing technical skills of the development team, and the costs of owning and maintaining the application.

Is It Possible To Find Qualified Angular, Vue, and React Developers?

Since they are all JavaScript-based options, it is reasonably easy to find front-end developers familiar with all of these frameworks. If you’re struggling to find qualified candidates, look for developers proficient in JavaScript and experienced in one or two of the additional tools. Developers well trained in JavaScript with real-world experience will quickly adapt to any requirement on the project.

If finding qualified candidates truly becomes a problem, you may want to consider connecting with number8, a qualified nearshore staff augmentation firm experienced with recruiting top development talent for U.S. based companies.

What Is The Best Front-End Framework Or Library When The Speed Of Development Is A Factor?

If the speed of development is the only factor, the best choice is Vue. Being a progressive framework, it doesn’t require a complex build process or a setup of different tools. It also allows the developer to add to it based on requirements and complexity in an incremental way. These characteristics make it the perfect candidate to create and deploy fast from a functional mockup to a fully-fledged complex application.

React is also a good choice after Vue. It will however take more time to prepare and to configure it to build a functional application.

Angular is more complex and opinionated, making it a slower choice to start with. In time the slower start will pay off. It is better suited for projects that need stability, scalability, and strong architectural structures.

Overall, when working with JavaScript, the best process is to be well planned, be clear on requirements, and avoid quick technical decisions. Any project can fail or crash due to a decision made in the early stages of development or because the application’s requirements were not very well thought out in the planning stages. Finally, be sure the choices are backed up by the right technical professionals with proven experience in the field.


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