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8 Benefits of Outsourcing That You May Not Already Know

Benefits of Outsourcing

Summary: Many companies decide to outsource their software development for the sole purpose of saving money. While cost efficiency is valuable, there are benefits of outsourcing to consider.

The 8 Biggest Benefits to IT Outsourcing

1. You get to focus on the big picture

For small companies it can be difficult to balance many different day-to-day tasks that are essential in growth and development. Not to mention, hiring an IT department to manage technical work is not always feasible in terms of cost, or even necessary in terms of workflow. By outsourcing, you can step back and focus your time and energy into curating your services and focusing on innovation.

2. Increased Productivity

In today’s market, it is more important than ever to be quick and efficient. If your in-house technology is not functioning at an optimal level, it will affect every single aspect of your company’s capabilities. Working with IT experts outside of your organization will allow you and your team members to identify issues faster and come up with samrt solutions.

3. Staffing flexibility

For many smaller companies, it isn’t financially possible to hire on full-time employees in every department. You may be eager to expand your software capabilities to reflect the growth within your business, but not be ready to develop an IT arm of your company. Number8 understands this conflict, and we are here to help. Our staff is available to work with you on a project-by-project basis to help you achieve your goals.

4. Team development

By outsourcing the work that may otherwise interfere with your employee’s other responsibilities, you can instead focus on building your staff up and allowing them to really focus on the areas in which they excel. This will help not only with levels of productivity, but also with confidence.

5. Time zone advantage

Costa Rica, where we have tech partners located, is only one hour behind us in Louisville, KY. Some would argue the benefits of having an outsource agency in countries like India or China where the time difference is large enough that your agency could have an assignment completed before you get into the office the next morning. While it may seem attractive to have someone finish a project while you sleep, what if something goes wrong? Our partners are only a phone call away so we can remain in contact with them in real time to ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

6. Fresh ideas/ a new set of eyes

It is easy to fall into routines and get bogged down by daily responsibilities. When you get into this pattern, it can be more difficult to notice when something needs to be changed. By working with people outside of your company, you allow for new insights that otherwise could have been overlooked.

7. Experienced consultation

Together, we at number8 have over 18 years of software development experience ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 100 companies. We have worked with a variety of professional fields including health care, finance and banking, transportation, and much more. Our philosophy is to empower our clients to produce better software, faster with whatever means we have at our disposal.

8. No harm in trying

Confident that you will be satisfied with us, we want to give you every opportunity to ensure that we can offer everything you need. That is why we offer a free trial to any new clients interested in our services. Give us a call at 502-212-0978 to learn more!

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