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3 Reasons To Use Nearshore Versus Offshore Outsourcing

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Everyone knows about offshore outsourcing services but nearshore is quickly becoming the more popular method. There are a number of reasons why companies are choosing nearshore instead of Asian or India, and we’re going to highlight three main nearshore outsourcing advantages in this article:

1. Proximity

Sure, you can send your business offshore but that’s a far ways away in a different timezone. Do you really want to be waking up early or staying late just for meetings? If you’re going the nearshore method, the time zones are often the same, which means everyone works mostly the same hours.

2. Staff Continuity

Sure, you can outsource to Asia or Eastern Europe, but the problem with those options is that often times, the companies are reluctant to continually train their employees on the new systems and processes. That’s just one of the reasons why there’s often a lot of turnover with offshore teams. However, nearshore companies focus on minimizing employee turnover by employing multi-faceted software development programs. We commit not only to our employees but training them in emerging technologies.

3. No Cultural/Language Barrier

While the language barrier is still a challenge with offshore outsourcing (although it’s a diminishing challenge), cultural is still a big hurdle. Even if you’re speaking in the same language because the person you’re dealing with has been trained properly, there’s still a good chance you’ll have some communication issues because of the cultural differences. That’s because the American and European cultures are based on different philosophies, educations and religions than the Indian and Asian ones. Even if we’re all speaking the same language, the cultural differences can make it feel like we’re not. Outsourcing nearshore to software development Central America companies means you eliminate these cultural barriers. The cultures here are similar, which means you’ll be able to effectively communicate with your team much better. If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of our blog!

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