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7 Industries Making Remote Work Commonplace

7 Industries for Remote Work

Summary: With the help of cloud-based technology, remote work is easier. Check out the top 7 industries embracing this new kind of work culture.

​Originally published on Oct 17, 2019 updated April 27, 2022.

With greater schedule flexibility, it’s no surprise the trend toward remote work is growing. What’s more, cloud-based technology has made working from home easier than ever before with files and data readily accessible. According to CNBC, “More than two-thirds of people around the world work away from the office at least once every week.”

Working from the comforts of home (or anywhere with a good wifi connection that is) is enticing when you factor in all the time not spent commuting and sitting in traffic. Additionally, remote workers tend to have more control over their workplace environment, and can usually juggle home and work-life responsibilities with more finesse.  As happy employees make for a more productive workforce, many industries seem to be embracing this new kind of work culture.

Remote work trends and forecasts

Even though COVID-18 has become less severe, remote jobs seem to only advancing upward. In reality, Pandemic may be simply a catalyst for increasing interest among employees. We discovered this insight when we conducted the study: Prior to the pandemic only 67% of Americans worked remotely. Most employees never worked remotely. That’s why remote workers are increasingly popular as they become more popular today. Between 2018 and 2022, fully remote worker populations rose nearly fourfold. In a survey conducted last year, 28% of employees were fully remote. Working remotely is enticing when calculating all the hours you’ve not spent commuting or the other expenses related to working on location for an employer. Remote workers tend to also have greater flexibility and can often handle work and family responsibilities more comfortably.

7 Most Common Remote Work Industries:

1. IT

Remote work is no doubt ripe in the field of information technology. Jobs in security, website development, software engineering, app development, and database administration (just to name a few) can all be done remotely. In fact, many IT companies look to utilize remote workers in order to better offset costs and streamline projects.



2. Accounting & Finance

Bookkeepers and accountants can usually work from anywhere, often computing payroll and or taxes for clients both big and small.


3. Customer Service

Companies that function primarily online through a website rather than a storefront need customer service just as much as brick-and-mortar businesses do. Online tech support jobs tend to be remote and act as a virtual help desk for customers or clients, including assisting with online orders as well as payment processing.


4. Healthcare

Many administrative jobs in the healthcare industry are now remotely operated. These jobs include handling billing, insurance claims, as well as scheduling appointments.


5. Marketing

The advertising industry has largely transformed in recent years due to the rise of digital platforms. Whether it’s as a graphic designer, content writer, influencer or social media manager, long gone are the days where you need to be in an office to run an ad or promote a business or product. Marketing jobs now come in many different shapes and sizes and can be done from anywhere.


6. Education

Due to an increase in online classes being offered, there are more opportunities for teachers to work remotely. For example, many college level classes are being taught online by adjunct professors to better serve non-traditional students. Additionally, those homeschooling or looking for help to prepare for the SATs can do so via virtual tutors.


7. Sales

Just as the marketing world has changed, so to have sales jobs. Now generating leads is more plausible through the use of social media channels, as well as email or text message marketing. All of this can be done remotely, especially if you’re in the real estate industry.

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