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Technical Recruiter, number8 North America

At number8 since
Located In Louisville, KY

Meet PJ Jefferson, a Technical Recruiter at number8 based in Louisville, KY. With over 12 years of work experience, PJ has honed his skills within the field, with his last two years focused specifically on technology roles.

At number8, PJ’s primary focus is on finding the right candidates for their clients. He connects talented individuals in the IT field with their next career opportunity. His day-to-day activities revolve around understanding candidate career aspirations and aligning them with the right roles. PJ’s motivation at work stems from his enjoyment of connecting people with opportunities. Finding the perfect match between candidates and clients is a challenge that he enthusiastically takes on. He finds fulfillment in helping individuals find their ideal positions and contributing to their professional growth.

Outside of work, PJ finds importance in traveling and spending quality time with his family. Exploring new places and creating lasting memories with loved ones are the things that matter most to him beyond his professional life.

PJ Jefferson

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