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CEO & Managing Director

At number8 since February 13, 2018
Located In Louisville, KY

Oliver Ray is the Managing Director at number8. He is based in Louisville, KY and joined the company in 2018. Oliver has a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems and is also a Certified Scrum Master, Project Management Professional, and SAFe Program Consultant. With 10 years of experience in technology, consulting, and product development, Oliver is an expert in bringing people together to solve technical problems and communicating the value of complex initiatives to stakeholders.

As the Managing Director, Oliver focuses on developing the vision for the organization, understanding the needs of clients, consultants, and the management team, and adding value wherever he can. He is motivated by the opportunity to help everyone at number8 become the best version of themselves. Oliver chose to work at number8 because of the rare environment and culture, and he is proud of the team he has helped build and the new levels of success they are achieving. Outside of work, Oliver enjoys spending time with his wife, giving back to the community, playing golf, reading, and learning new things.

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