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Engagement Manager Team Lead

At number8 since September 28, 2020
Located In Barcelona, Spain

Meet Natalie Raudales, an Engagement Manager Team Lead based in Barcelona, Spain. Natalie joined number8 in September 2020 and brings 11 years of overall experience, with 7 years in a tech department in a non- technical role. With a Master’s degree in Business Management and a Scrum Master certification, she is well equipped to help make the adaptation process of consultants to clients as smooth and comfortable as possible. As a Team Lead, Natalie guides her team of Engagement Managers to resolve conflicts and promotes teamwork.

Natalie’s main focus is to maintain good communication with the consultants and create a safe space for them to share their onboarding experience. She regularly follows up with active consultants and has scheduled meetings with them to ensure their engagement is successful. Natalie is proud to have a leadership role at number8 and enjoys working on internal projects.

When not at work, Natalie values her family, including her pets, above all else. She also enjoys jogging, drinking coffee and wine, listening to podcasts and building puzzles. Natalie feels motivated and valued at number8 and appreciates the effort the company makes to maintain good communication in the Slack channels.

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