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Consultant Operations Manager

At number8 since November 23, 2009
Located In Costa Rica

Mauricio Morales is a Development Manager at number8 based in Costa Rica, with over 18 years of overall working experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and is a Certified Scrum Master. Mauricio is a software developer at heart who prides himself on understanding the role technology plays in our business and human aspects of living. His main focus at number8 is to develop the organizational culture, quality of service, and work/life balance for consultants, as well as managing internal projects and IT efforts. His main motivation is to provide a work environment where consultants are happy and fulfilled professionally. Mauricio is most proud of the human/caring environment he has helped develop at number8. Outside of work, he values time with his family and pets as the most important resource we all have.

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