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Director of Account Management

At number8 since January 4, 2023
Located In Louisville, KY

Matias Polizzi is the Director of Account Management at number8, based in Louisville, KY. He has 20 years of professional experience, with over 12 years in tech-related roles and the rest in sales and account management. He is a business developer with an entrepreneurial background and is passionate about innovation and business growth through value addition. Matias’ focus at number8 is to create a work framework for the Account Management team that prioritizes customer experience and value addition, while building a department that is aligned with the company’s core values. He is motivated by
creating a better work and service experience that aligns with the company’s goals. Matias is proud of his accomplishments, including creating valuable services that impact clients and employees, developing a growth mentality to understand clients, and achieving personal growth through challenging business experiences. Outside of work, Matias values spending time with family, friends, and his dogs, as well as engaging in politics and his community.

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