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Director of Recruiting, number8 North America

At number8 since
Located In Louisville, KY

Introducing Kelli Wilder, the Recruiting Director at number8 in Louisville, KY. With 20 years of overall working experience, including 16 years in the tech industry, Kelli has established herself as a trusted professional in helping technical professionals and companies find the perfect match.

At number8, Kelli’s focus is on engaging with candidates and providing them with all the necessary information to feel comfortable pursuing new opportunities. She works closely with recruiters to ensure candidates have the support they need throughout the application process. From coordinating interviews to facilitating communication, Kelli plays a pivotal role in keeping the recruitment process smooth and efficient.

One of Kelli’s proudest accomplishments at number8 is the satisfaction of helping individuals find new positions that align with their career goals. Additionally, she values the genuine connections she has formed with candidates and managers over the years, considering many of them not just colleagues, but friends.

Outside of work, Kelli cherishes spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband are passionate about traveling, even if it’s just a weekend camping trip. In fact, they even got married on a Monday morning while eloping on a motorcycle trip to Virginia, adding a touch of adventure to their love story.

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