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Manager, Strategic Partnerships

At number8 since March 4, 2019
Located In Louisville, KY

Meet Kate Alexander, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at number8, located in Louisville, KY. Kate has 16 years of working experience, including over 10 years of success in channel development, IT consulting, and management in various industries such as SMB, Enterprise, Global, SLED, and the federal government. She holds degrees in Linguistics and Intercultural Communications, Business and Economics, and an English BAS, along with certifications in Scrum, PMP, and Leadership Training.

At number8, Kate’s focus is to support both the consultants and the customers in reaching their goals. She works with strategic customers like Marsh McLennan, Oliver Wyman Group, and Republic Bank, and over 70 consultants to ensure their success. Kate is passionate about helping people, and finds joy in being a diplomat, negotiating solutions and finding the best outcome for all parties involved.

Kate is proud of the achievement of being a Preferred Partner with one customer and winning a competitive RFP with another. She is also proud of her involvement in saving and extending jobs for consultants, as well as helping them grow in different areas of expertise.

Outside of work, Kate values the power of love, discipline and sport, arts, education, and mindfulness. She enjoys playing the piano, singing, dancing, traveling, practicing yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

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