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Account Manager

At number8 since October 1, 2018
Located In Honduras

Meet Grazzia Paz, an Account Manager at number8 in Honduras. With almost a decade of experience in IT and a background in tech, Grazzia understands her clients’ needs and helps create perfect teams to meet those needs.

Grazzia’s focus at number8 is on client satisfaction. She ensures that their needs are met to the best of the company’s abilities and sometimes even foresees needs that clients didn’t know they had. Grazzia also takes care of the consultants by providing constructive feedback, and helping them share their concerns and goals.

What motivates Grazzia is learning. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for her to learn and grow. She chose to work at number8 because the company stands by its mission and vision, always striving for improvement and always keeping sight of their goals.

One of Grazzia’s proudest accomplishments at number8 is growing the AM team in Latam. Five years ago, it was only a USA-based team, and now there is an amazing and talented team worldwide. Professionally, Grazzia is most proud of successfully managing a multinational team to migrate over 150 apps to a new technology, despite having yet to gain tech experience.

Outside of work, Grazzia enjoys traveling, especially getting to know a country through their food. She also loves spending time with her two dogs and hopes to one day travel with them. Grazzia’s experience, passion for client satisfaction, and dedication to learning make her a valuable member of the number8 team.

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