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Executive Sales Consultant

At number8 since September 8, 2020
Located In Louisville, KY

Amanda Loehle is an Executive Sales Consultant at number8, based in Louisville, KY. She has over 16 years of working experience and has been in tech-focused roles since 2005. Amanda has an MBA, Master of Distance Education and E-Learning, Toastmaster Level 2, and several certifications in Google advertising and national Fox Sales Board training and certification.

Amanda’s focus at number8 is to be the first face of the company to new clients and share the good news about number8. She loves to empower clients to grow their teams and products through number8’s consultants and sees herself as a bridge between prospects, clients, and developers.

Her motivations at work are to see things get done, help clients accomplish their goals, empower engineers, and help grow the company. Amanda enjoys working at number8 because of the great service they provide, the talented and respectful colleagues she works with, and the autonomy she has in her role.

Amanda is proud of the new business she has brought in and the growth she has contributed to the company. She is also proud of her largest advertising campaign sale, which included an ad in the Super Bowl, and how it led to a new friendship with her client.

Outside of work, Amanda values her family the most and enjoys being a wife and a mom. In her free time, she loves reading fiction, exercising, playing board and card games, and cooking.

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