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Office Manager

At number8 since April 11, 2022
Located In Louisville, KY

Abby Flanders is an Office Manager at number8 based in Louisville, KY. She has four years of overall working experience, nearly two of which were in tech-focused roles. Abby holds a B.A. in Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri, Columbia (2020) and an M.A. in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University (2022). Her professional experience is mainly in HR/admin roles. Abby enjoys working on tasks the most important for the day. While sometimes it may feel like crisis management, when she has time to breathe, she is able to make improvements to our processes that can help everyone stay proactive. Abby also appreciates the people on the team and feels entrusted to work on tasks that she finds most meaningful.

She oversees client invoicing, billing, and payment procedures for consultants. Her focus at number8 is outgoing payments to consultants and incoming payments from clients. Abby is motivated by her teammates and number8’s commitment to consultants and clients. She enjoys making improvements to processes that can help keep them proactive. Abby is most proud of completing her Master’s program in only two years while working multiple jobs. Outside of work, Abby values her family, partner, pets, laughter, and lifting heavy stuff.

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