number8 Consultants Implement ServiceNow Platform for Logistics Company

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number8 Consultants Implement ServiceNow Platform for Logistics Company

Our client provides operating companies with in-house, purpose-built digital solutions to complex shipping needs. They design, program, and maintain business application systems that organizations rely on to get work done.

In order to continue to drive innovation, they needed to implement a platform that allowed them to automate workflows throughout their organization. Rather than tie up an existing internal team member, they turned to number8 to find an experienced developer able to implement and maintain the platform.

The Challenge

The client knew they wanted to implement the ServiceNow platform, but they didn’t have the internal resources to make that possible. In addition, they wanted to take advantage of the platform’s integrations, but hadn’t spent a lot of time researching the necessary requirements.

To simplify the process, they augmented their team with 2 experienced ServiceNow engineers recruited by number8.

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The Outcome

By implementing ServiceNow, the organizations is now able to automate many of the processes that took an enormous amount of time to execute manually.

Utilizing experienced number8 consultants for this project also meant they were able to avoid generating any bugs throughout the implementation

The client was so happy with the 2 developers that they have kept both of them on to continue to carry out the maintenance and optimization of their preferred modules.

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