Private Healthcare Company Leans on number8 for High-Stakes QA Automation Transformation

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Private Healthcare Company Leans on number8 for High-Stakes QA Automation Transformation

A Louisville-based healthcare company created a platform that improved the medication administration process for residents of long-term care facilities.

This point-of-care software solution enabled their organization to track and analyze each step of their pharmaceutical delivery process, making them more effective in delivering the medications that their customer’s need. Unfortunately, their testing process needed some work.

By adding just one experienced number8 consultant, the company was able to transition from manual to automated testing. What they weren’t expecting was a completely trained internal QA team in under 9 months.

The Challenge

Our client offers a software solution with both on-premise and cloud-based configurations. Their ability to create and maintain best-in-class software testing processes is essential to providing their services, which can have life and death implications.

Their company began searching for solutions after identifying that the resources to dedicate an entire team to quality assurance were unavailable. In addition, their internal development team had no experience with automated QA testing suites or automation testing tools. They were left with the challenge of finding an affordable quality assurance engineer with experience in automated testing to help them build a strategy for their next steps.

Artist's representation of QA Automation Transformation in Healthcare Company

The Outcome

The introduction of automated testing had numerous positive impacts for the client. In fact, it was so successful that the client extended their original six-month engagement with number8 for an additional three months.

By the end of the engagement, Maria was able to completely relieve the significant burden caused by manual testing from the client’s development team. That team was now able to focus on developing and delivering additional features for their software product.

Maria’s work also decreased the time required for testing, increased the reliability and validity of the client’s QA process, and greatly reduced the number of defects and bugs that were inadvertently slipping through the manual process.

In addition, the internal QA team received a significant amount of training in automated testing, specifically tailored to their environment and product. This level of training was provided at a fraction of the cost of bringing in a consulting firm with individuals on-site.

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