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Long-term strategic solution to development team augmentation

Our client is a fast-growing consumer-focused legal services platform providing online legal services.

With continued growth and new funding secured, our client sought ways to grow its development team with the intent to bring new products to market faster. They had tried and failed to solve its staffing constraints in the product development group. Other areas of the organization were having rapid success with hiring, starting in 2021 with 220 employees and by May of that same year, they had added 50 more, though only 15 of those hires were in product development.

They set out to find a partner that could provide supplemental software developers. These developers would augment their best-performing teams with mid-to-senior level software development talent promptly while growing processes for oversight and retention.

The Challenge

Their product development leadership team is distributed between Salt Lake City, Utah and London, England. Much like their diverse functional backgrounds, this group had mixed opinions on how to approach fixing their staffing needs. They had tried unsuccessfully to build out nearshore offices in Mexico (aligning with the US team) and Eastern Europe (aligning with the London team). Neither approach made it off the ground. The Mexico office maxed out at around eight people. The Eastern European office only had 15 people. The team grew increasingly unsatisfied with the talent level and the low volume of candidates recruited.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused further attrition and plummeting retention. The organization decided to take a remote-first approach moving forward and close the London office. They decided they needed a strategic staffing augmentation partner that could find them long-term, stable development help that was embedded into the organization and could be a part of the team, without much oversight.

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The Outcome

number8 was able to add 13 consultants to the team in a matter of 4 months. That is an increase of 20% of the overall team headcount. This occurred while reducing the amount of overhead needed to successfully screen a candidate.

our client was able to deliver 2 additional products to the market in 2021 which would have been possible given their previous headcount. Decisions to cut those products would have had to be made. Product A started as a new team following the addition of number8s to our client. our client wanted their top people on it and that included several number8 consultants. This product was almost immediately revenue-generating to our client. Product B was the foundation of a much larger initiative at our client to help enable future 3rd party integrations. Because of the technical work, this initiative was developed by a team that was primarily number8s.


There has been no difference in the number8s vs full-time our client engineers. The engineers number8 has provided us have really hit the ground running and have been able to contribute as fast if not faster than people we’re hiring from the outside.

Head of Engineering, North America

The people that are coming in have had other experiences that other people on our team have not had. Our most tenured people have not been exposed to the same technologies that the number8 engineers have. One number8 is more architecturally focused. We’re using him to help review the architectural decisions we’re making and getting his input. You come into something with an understanding of ‘how things have been done in the past’ while bringing a fresh perspective.

Development Director

Overall, our experience with number8 and the quality of their candidates and vetting process has given us the ability to expand faster.

Client Engagement Manager

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