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Increased Velocity & Savings, Transitioning from India to Nearshore.

Our client is one of the nation’s leading fleet maintenance companies, which means businesses rely on them for data that keeps their fleets safe and on the road. Their custom software was saving clients millions of dollars, but their Indian development team was struggling to keep up.

The Challenge

Our client was partnered with an offshore vendor that was over-staffing their account with sub-par talent. This gap in skills was compounded by language and timezone barriers, which altogether caused regular project delays. Due to this, the client’s core team was absorbed with delivering essential features and unable to focus on innovation efforts. In addition, our client lacked the ability to interact one-on one with their offshore team members, making it difficult to have a pulse on the day-to-day, much less the overall progress of their strategic initiatives.

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The Outcome

number8 was able to effectively replace our client’s existing vendor with a 70% smaller staff, reducing their technical debt and production bugs by 50% in the first year. In addition, we established automated testing, refined agile processes, and converted a suite of native mobile apps to the Xamarin platform. These improvements allowed our client’s team an ability to maintain their processes long-term.

Our client now depends on the experience of their number8 consultants for new initiatives. Recently, their number8 consultants have been focused on utilizing IBM Watson to support the client’s next generation IVR platform.


The value of nearshore is really in the cultural similarities. We were used to India and culturally they were very accepting of everything we would say or ask for. With our nearshore team, we experienced frequent debates. They regularly challenged and recommended new ideas. We needed a team willing to offer advice and alternatives and that’s what number8 delivered.

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At a Glance

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