Wild, Wild, Wildlife

Costa Rica WildlifeCosta Rica is home to some of the world’s greatest bio-diversity. Their tropical rain forest climate breeds an amazing assortment of plants and animals, some of which can be found nowhere else on the planet. The work that conservationists have done to limit development has helped to save some of those species for future generations.

While we at Prosoft Nearshore are firm believers in being ecologically responsible, we also recognize the difficulties. The Costa Rican government has done an amazing job of balancing environmental concerns with a growing business market. While eco-tourism is a big factor in the Costa Rican economy, being able to develop new businesses and industries is important for a country trying to find it’s place in the global market.

Prosoft Nearshore is proud of our relationship with our Central American partners. We know that using such a quickly developing nation like Costa Rica as a nearshore software development partner is a great allocation of resources for us and our clients. The fact that the environmental agencies and government officials work together to ensure the preservation of Costa Rica’s unique ecological gifts while still encouraging business development is a point of pride.

Prosoft Nearshore is happy to do business with a nearshore partner that takes such a socially conscious approach. Costa Rica’s commitment to responsible economic growth is just another fact that sets it apart from its Central and South American neighbors. Fostering democracy, encouraging top-class educational systems, and software training classes for its citizens are others.

We hope that Costa Rica manages to continue its leap forward as a global player. We also hope that the amazing natural gifts of the nation will be around to amaze its visitors for generations to come.