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WhiskeyWhiskey has long been the drink of choice for a large segment of the world. From Scotch to Bourbon, Irish Whiskey to Canadian Rye, people everywhere love "the water of life." And while the mixtures of spirit may change from brand to brand and variety to variety, the core principles behind whiskey have remained the same. Grains, yeast, and water have been the basic ingredients for centuries. But now, the world of whiskey has begun to see evolution. Like any business, the people who run distilleries have noticed momentous changes in the market, and are responding to meet those desires. Flavored whiskies have begun to creep into the public awareness. Red Stag, Fireball, Honey, and others have been produced by some of the biggest and oldest whiskey companies in the world. Some purists may think that flavoring whiskey is blasphemous. But really, it's just doing what is necessary to stay competitive. Software development outsourcing is the same concept. It may seem like a tough decision to send your work to another country and trust the work to get done right. But for efficiency, cost, and convenience, nearshore outsourcing with a company like Prosoft Nearshore is just putting a little cinnamon in your whiskey. A way to stay ahead of the competition. Plus, Prosoft Nearshore is located in Costa Rica. This way, your software developers won't be too far from home, working on the same schedule that you do. Offshore outsourcing is a little more foreign, often being located hemispheres away and living on a different time schedule. Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone, a convenient nearshore solution for any company wanting to stay relevant. Any industry has to adapt. Whiskey producers realized there were untapped markets and produced a product to fill that need. Prosoft Nearshore recognized that companies want software development outsourcing options that operate on the same clock. And forward-thinking companies everywhere can be competitive by taking advantage of those services.

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