We’re Everywhere

At number8 We Believe Our Work Is Global

Our vision is to power the growth of enlightened organizations. We help our customers realize the technology of the future will be developed by remote employees. We help them put the correct technical processes in place to be successful and develop an edge on their competition. It isn’t where you are that’s important, it’s that your accessible from anywhere.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States Office

Our onshore office is located in Louisville, Kentucky. We are currently the largest nearshore software development firm in the state and have been active in local software development consulting for 22 years.

San Jose, Costa Rica Office

We opened our first nearshore office in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2008. Costa Rica is home to many of our number8 consultants and the ideal place for nearshore development. Costa Rica has an impressive talent pool of senior software developers that are English proficient and experienced in working with United States based companies.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras Office

We opened our second nearshore office in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 2018. Honduras is currently investing heavily in technology job creation and home to the Central American Technological University. The country offers an excellent pool of talented developers skilled in the most modern tools and technologies.

For more information, give us a call at (502) 212-0978 or contact us here!