What We Do

IT Consulting and Agile Software Development

We provide high quality technical talent to businesses of all sizes and sectors, specializing in application development, custom software, website development, mobile solutions, database design, client/server, web application development and Q/A testing.

Recruiting Pipeline

We recruit software development professionals with top-notch development skills in languages that include: C#, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and SQL through a local recruiting pool based in Louisville and Latin America. Each developer must pass a short assessment before moving on in our pipeline. We then have our team leaders perform a proprietary live coding exercise to gauge their skills in problem solving, communication, and personality. Finally we have our Director of Development, based in Louisville, interview each candidate before we submit a personalized profile to our clients.

Each software developer takes a Predictive Index© test to better place each personality with a job that allows them to succeed. Your agile methodology may ask our developers to improvise, and work with low detail, the Predictive Index© will match a potential software developer with the right personality, while our detailed interview process provides a software developer with the right skills for each engagement.

Engagement Model

Our software developers work best when they are an extension of your current team. At Number8, we provide support and guidance, to help integrate a remote working into your already established local team. Our group of Technical Account Managers provides support for our Number8 developers and can provide support to your development team as well. Looking for guidance on a new graph database, or distributed queuing system, our Technical Account Managers can help set you up with another one of our many software developers to give guidance. We provide one-on-one feedback to each developer to help them integrate, and training materials to help them succeed with you.  Our Account Manager team will gather ongoing feedback on the engagement and address any concerns you may have.

In addition to the highest level of technical training and experience, our software developers also have business acumen and excellent communication skills. Working alongside your existing team, they’re well-rounded and versatile, ready to help wherever you need them, doing web development, back-end development, QA, or something else.