What Time Is It?

Communication and outsourcingUp until 1918, asking “What time is it?” in America would have been a silly question. Local governments used some form of the solar calendar (putting noon when the sun was highest in the sky) to determine the time. By the time railroads came in to common use, a person could take a train for a half hour end up somewhere ten minutes later!

But in 1918, America passed the Standard Time Act which established our current system of time zones. Now, one could be reasonably confident that when they took a train for a half hour, it would be a half hour later when they arrived at their destination.

It stands to reason that the departments of transportation and commerce were instrumental in getting that act passed. The two institutions that are the most impacted are travel and business. A business simply can’t function if it doesn’t have an accurate concept of time.

This remains true today. When working with business partners like software developers, it is imperative that managers be able to communicate on a common clock. This was a huge factor in the emergence of the nearshore outsourcing model.

Business owners see the sense in outsourcing software development when necessary, but why send that work thousands of miles away and then not be able to work on the same clock? Working with Asian nations like India is often a headache because of the immense time difference.

Software development firms like Prosoft Nearshore recognized the value of an outsourcing option in the same Central Time Zone in which so many companies already function. Nations like Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Costa Rica all operate on CST. This allows corporate partners and clients to communicate more efficiently, staying on deadline, and working more collaboratively.

We at Prosoft Nearshore appreciate the unique qualities of our partnership with Costa Rica. Our relationship with the Central American nation has been fostered by our ability to work on the same clock. Take some of your time to heck out the list of software development options available at https://prosoftnearshore.com and find out for yourself about the nearshore advantage.