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Virtual scrum is an educational tool used to help teach the scrum methodology to undergraduate students in the field of software engineering. Because scrum has become such a widely used software development methodology, it’s important that students get a feel for this experience in a hands-on manner. The ISISTAN—CONICET Research Institute, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has developed a virtual scrum program and conducted a case study to evaluate its effectiveness. This study provided an educational and hands-on approach to scrum methodology. This virtual training tool allowed IT students to familiarize themselves with elements of scrum including: blackboards, web browsers, document viewers, charts and calendars. Through virtual scrum students got a 3D experience inside the scrum world. This includes an introduction to the incremental life cycle and sprints, as well as the responsibilities of different roles in agile software development including: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Scrum team.Agile Scrum Methodology This study followed 45 students using this program to complete their capstone project, as well as those not following the virtual scrum methodology. The results of the study confirmed that virtual scrum is an excellent and efficient way to teach students the fundamentals and navigation of the scrum methodology. Agile Scrum Approach Steadily Increasing in Popularity Annual Surveys have found that agile methods like scrum have been increasing every year. The State of Agile Development Survey found in 2007 that 37 percent of respondents use scrum, while today more than 50 percent of surveyed companies have adopted scrum as their main agile methodology. Scrum is a dependable, collective approach that most development teams can implement. Using Virtual Scrum in Your Workplace While this study has established the importance of virtual scrum, it is important to understand how virtual scrum can be applied in your workplace. Virtual scrum not only allows users to take on important roles inside the scrum process, but it also helps participants organize and create user stories, plan the sprint backlog, monitor sprint work and finish the sprint. All of these key steps to the scrum process can be understood through the virtual scrum process. This teaching tool is extremely valuable for experienced software developers transitioning from a waterfall approach to agile. For those looking to get a better understanding of scrum and its process, using the virtual scrum program may be a great place to start. To learn more about the software development process, including agile outsourcing, call 502-890-7675 today.  

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