Vegas, Baby

software outsourcing with prosoft nearshoreLas Vegas, Nevada has been portrayed in movies, books, and television shows as a crazy and debauched kind of town.  It is a city well-known for gambling, drinking, prostitution and partying.  But is that the truth?

While no one is silly enough to label Vegas as a quiet, sleepy hamlet, it is reasonable to question whether or not the image of “Sin City” is quite as accurate as pop culture would lead us to believe.

The truth is, a trip to Las Vegas will be exactly what the tourist makes it.  If someone flies in to McCaron Airport looking for the ultimate party, they can find it.  If a couple arrives looking for romance, fine dining, and tranquil beauty, they will find that.  And if a traveler meanders in to town looking for art, history, and natural beauty, they can find that, too.

So while the craziest party town of all time CAN live up to its reputation, there is more to be seen than casinos and clubs.

Prosoft Nearshore doesn’t necessarily condone or condemn the party lifestyle.  But we do believe in making your journey be what you want it to be.  Much like Las Vegas can be done in many ways, we know that software development outsourcing can be done in many ways.

Our firm belief at Prosoft Nearshore is that we do it the right way.  By offering nearshore outsourcing in Costa Rica, we believe we set the standard in communication, quality, and service.

Located in the convenient Central Time Zone, unlike offshore competitors in Asia, Prosoft Nearshore works on the schedule of most American businesses.  This keeps project leaders in perfect communication with their developers.  C++, javascript, and ruby on rails are only some of the languages our highly-skilled software developers can speak.

How you do Vegas is up to you, but try software development outsourcing our way.  What happens in Costa Rica