Traveling to Costa Rica for Work or Pleasure – 10 Things You’ll Need to Pack

Things to Bring when Traveling to Costa ricaWhether you are traveling to Costa Rica for pleasure, business, or a combination of the two, there are some things you’ll need to pack for your trip to make things enjoyable.

One handy thing about Costa Rica is that you’ll find the same type of electric converters and plug adapters as in the U.S. so you don’t need to worry about your electrical devices and chargers.

However, there are some personal items and other things you should plan to pack. These items may either be hard to find, more expensive or even unavailable in Costa Rica. Follow along for a list of 10 things you should pack for your trip to Costa Rica.

10 Things to Pack When Traveling to Costa Rica

  1. Passport – At one time, people could travel from the U.S. to Costa Rica with a driver’s license but a passport is now necessary. It is advisable to take screen shots of your passport as well in case you were to misplace it.
  2. Other form of ID – Plan to bring a state ID, a driver’s license, or some other official form of ID with photo along with your passport. To be safe, it is advisable to separate your passport and your alternative ID.
  3. Medical insurance information. Even though Costa Rica has national medical care, it is advisable to have your insurance information easily accessible in the event of a very serious accident requiring that you leave the country for treatment.
  4. Certain personal items that you “can’t live without.” If you wear contacts and need a special cleaning solution, make sure you bring this with you to Costa Rica. If you have a favorite deoderant, shampoo, cosmetic item or toothpaste, vitamins, sunscreen or pain reliever, bring it with you. If you take any type of prescription medications, it is advisable to have these filled before your trip since you may not be able to get these in Costa Rica.
  5. English to Spanish translation book. Unless you are fluent in Spanish, you will benefit from a phrase book that will make your communication easier. People in Costa Rica tend to be very friendly and happy to engage in conversation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.
  6. Sun protection for your eyes. Whether you wear sunglasses, a baseball cap or some other type of hat, make sure you bring this along on your trip to Costa Rica. Depending on when you visit and where you are in the country, the sun can be very intense. You’ll want to protect your skin and eyes so that you can relax and have a good visit.
  7. Some type of rain protection. Whether you bring a small umbrella or a lightweight raincoat, chances are you’ll be glad to have it during a trip to Costa Rica. If you are visiting during the rainy season, which spans from the middle of April through November, rain gear is essential.
  8. Beach towel. Chances are you’ll hit the beach during your visit to Costa Rica. And if you do, you’ll be glad to have a big beach towel to enjoy. Towels are also handy after visiting the rain forests or enjoying a day hike.
  9. Bird book. The bird life in Costa Rica is truly sensational. Whether you are serious bird lover, or a person who has never taken notice, you will be glad to have a bird guide book with you during your visit. In terms of which book to buy, there are many options including field guides that focus specifically on the birds in Costa Rica.
  10. Bandages. While it may seem silly to bring these along, you may be glad to have them. The natural beauty of the country will beckon you towards outdoor activity, and it is always handy to have some bandages in the event of a minor scuff or scrape.