The Inception of a Good Idea

Creativity and InceptionIn 2010, director Christopher Nolan made a film with Leonardo DiCaprio about how an idea takes root. Inception was a commercial and creative hit, drawing raves from audiences and critics alike. DiCaprio’s star power and amazing special effects go a long way towards developing a blockbuster, but the movie’s real genius was in its premise.

Inception tells the story of men who work to plant ideas in people’s brains. The origin of an idea is hard to trace, and the movie explores that process with great detail. Where do ideas come from? How does the human mind transfer a fleeting thought in to a full-fledged concept? No scientific genius or neurosurgeon truly knows. Inception suggests that those ideas must grow organically in the originator’s mind.

Each leap in the evolution of a subject began as a single thought by a single person. While it seems unlikely that those thoughts were planted by a highly skilled team of dream travelers like in the movie, it is clear that those ideas take hold and change the world. Some are big ideas that alter the course of human history, some are small ideas that develop new sandwich toppings. Big or small, they share the common denominator of being tiny thoughts that grow in to decisions and actions.

Industries around the world are governed by such thoughts. Prosoft Nearshore took a simple question and developed a brilliant solution. Why are outsourcing companies limited to working in East Asia? The answer is that there is no reason.

They realized that outsourcing is a valuable resource but shouldn’t be governed by geographical norms. Why not take the outsourcing paradigm and shift it? By placing their software development partners in Costa Rica, they could open up new avenues of communication and cost-effective solutions to their customers. A simple idea that grew in to a big business decision.

No big budget Hollywood blockbuster can completely explain the way the human brain works. Surely Nolan or Leo didn’t have software development outsourcing in mind when they made their movie. But the principles of taking a small idea and applying it to the world around them is nothing new. Individuals and companies like Prosoft Nearshore have been following that path for as long as the human mind has existed.