The Decision Part 2

software development outsourcingLebron James is one of the most polarizing figures, not just in sports, but in the world.  He is undeniably one of the finest basketball players in the world.  Many would argue that he is the best.  He is large, skilled, agile, strong, and determined, which makes him the ideal hoops star.  His services are desired by every basketball team in the world.  And every few years, he gets to test the market in order to determine where he fits best.

Four years ago yesterday, Lebron James aired a television broadcast on ESPN to announce where he had decided to play.  The program, titled The Decision, was a massive ratings success.  It raised millions of dollars for charity.  And it lead him to the Miami Heat where in four years he has won three MVP’s, been to the NBA Finals four times, and brought two NBA championships home to his fans.  By most measures, this would be considered spectacular.

And yet… James was roundly criticized for the broadcast.  It was seen as arrogance.  It was seen as a betrayal of his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.  And it was seen as three NBA stars circumventing the established free agency system to join forces and throw the balance of basketball power out of whack.

And this summer, he can do it again.

Perhaps James will decide to stay in Miami, or return to Cleveland, or move to some third, and potentially greener, pasture.  Only King James knows for sure.  But the world knows that he will consider every aspect of the decision before making it.  It will be a personal decision, but it will also be a business one.

Prosoft Nearshore understands how businesses, and even mega star athletes like Lebron James, tend to make these decisions. By considering every available variable.  When Lebron makes his choice, he will consider the weather, the money, the teammates, the chances of winning, endorsement opportunities, and the comfort of his family.

When a company tries to choose a software development outsourcing partner, they consider a similar number of factors.  Where is the company located?  How good are the software developers?  How much will it cost?  Can they work in my preferred code? And how is the overall customer service?

Prosoft Nearshore feels like we are the ideal destination for all business “free agents”.  We are located in Costa Rica, which is convenient in the Central Time Zone, allowing for optimal communication.  Our developers are top notch, capable of working in ruby, java, c++ and many other mediums.  Our costs are fair and competitive, and our customer service can’t be beat.

Maybe your company isn’t choosing where to play basketball for the next six years, and maybe your CEO isn’t as famous as Lebron James… but Prosoft Nearshore can make your decision a lot easier than his.