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“Alejandro is absolutely perfect. He makes the morning meetings fun, contributes good feedback, and makes the developers better.”

Brianne in Arkansas

“It was hard to anticipate the ease of communication and the level of work your guys could handle.  I get the number8 model now.”

Doug in Atlanta

“I used to think there was a delay with Slack, until I started communicating with Cindy. I then realized that everyone else was just “slacking”.”

Jon in Nashville

“They’re really an easy bunch of guys to work with and all I could ever hope for. They are a fantastic team and deliver great work.”

Andy in London

“Carlos is still doing a wonderful job-providing a ton of detail and killing it.”

Hope in Atlanta

“What Rene’s been doing (to create our web application) on his own has been great. It’s modern and accessible.”

Robert in Louisville