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If you’re familiar with the world of technology then chances are you’ve heard of Mobile World Congress. Every year, the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) gathers operators, companies, and innovators to represent mobile operations across the world. This year, the 2017 Mobile World Congress was in Barcelona, Spain. The Congress focused on “how mobile is the force behind every emerging innovation” with the theme of “The Next Element”. Representatives from over 200 countries attended and well over 2,000 companies participated in the exhibition. These companies brought their best tech insights with them. In this blog, we’ve covered 5 impressive tech insights that came out of the 2017 Mobile World Congress; however keep in mind that there were hundreds more that also deserve recognition.

5 Tech Insights from 2017 Mobile World Congress

1. Apptimize

Apptimize is a company that’s doing exactly what their name says they are - optimizing applications. This approach assists apps on both Android and iOS in a rapid fashion to make sure that each user is having the best experience possible. The team at Apptimize achieves this through a/b testing, feature flagging, and instant updating. The overall goal of Apptimize is to give companies the option to not be prevented from improving their mobile applications by customer’s data plans or approvals through third-party providers. Apptimize has the ability to improve application usability for major companies and small business alike. In a world getting busier and busier while data becomes more and more limited, that’s a big deal!

2. Teamleader

Teamleader is another innovation that is focusing on small and medium enterprises along with big businesses, but in a completely different way than Apptimize. The platform is an overall small business management solution and includes: an online CRM, meeting calendar, automatic invoicing solutions, the ability to plan and time track project, plus much more. They also offer a mobile app that gives business owners access to everything that is available on the desktop version. In the world we live in, the all-in-one solution Teamleader offers is exactly what the world of technology-based business needs.

3. Airobotics

Drones have become a popular topic of conversation at technology conventions around the globe recently. Airobotics is offering a solution to the needs of this complex industry by offering industrial drones with full automation.  Through Airobotics, drones could be pilotless with the capability to self-deploy and land themselves. Airobotics makes their drones out of industrial grade material for excessive durability. The ability to schedule the drone’s operations and the 1 cm accuracy that Airobotics is advertising makes this feat impressive. Currently Airobotics is pitching their solutions to specific industries including: mining, seaports, oil & gas companies, as well as industrial facilities. Through automation, certain tasks in these fields could become much safer and more streamlined which leaves people to work on growing the industries instead of running them.

4. Amplitude

The mission at Amplitude is to “enable everyone to improve their business using data”. Founded in 2012, Amplitude came to exist because another application the inventors were working on didn’t give enough analytics for them to find exactly what they were looking for in regards to data. With Amplitude, businesses are able to analyze certain metrics and target problem areas, plus much more including focusing on user behavior to see what drives people towards business and how to keep them coming back. Amplitude offers a data-rich user-retention plan in one package. On top of that insight, Amplitude offers a unique sharing platform, so an entire team can stay on top of insights in one location that supports integrated communication. There are many other benefits that come with Amplitude and it’s available to try for free on their website.

5. pureLiFi

Can you imagine a world where data is transmitted through light instead of routers? The innovators at pureLiFi are working on making that concept a reality that will be available to the public. LiFi comes from two words: Light and Fidelity and is networked, bidirectional wireless communication using the light spectrum to provide users with connectivity. The LiFi team wants to bring network accessibility into offices, homes, cars, streets, and public spaces through lighting fixtures instead of traditional radio frequencies. Opening up the availability of Internet access and making the connection stronger through multiple access points is the kind of innovation that will only further the world’s technological uses. At pureLiFi, they are hoping to do just that by offering a multitude of more pathways over which data can travel. The theme of “The Next Element” at this year’s Mobile World Congress brought some impressive tech insights onto the scene. The five that we’ve highlighted give the technological world different planes on which to grow. Each of these tech insights will benefit businesses, companies, industries, and the public also. Follow this link to see a full list of the products and approaches discussed at the ‘17 Mobile World Congress. We get excited about new technological advancements at Number8. Our Scrum approach to software development is a newer concept, too and the approach benefits our productivity and turnaround time. Some of the insights mentioned in our blog could help your business or company’s productivity. So could hiring an offshore development team to take care of your software needs behind the scenes. Interested in learning more about Number8 and what we can do to help your company? Contact us today by clicking here or calling 502-890-7665.  

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