A Better You

prosoft nearshore helps companies get leanThere are quite literally thousands of diet and exercise plans populating the internet.  Entire books can be found in libraries and bookstores that contain the perfect plan for getting the perfect body.  Perhaps these plans are the ideal secret to crafting the healthy version of yourself that you’ve always been seeking.  Perhaps.  

But it seems clear that getting in shape is really just a matter of three simple steps:

1. Eat a little less.

2.  Eat a little healthier.

3.  Exercise a little more.

It’s not a complicated formula.  There doesn’t seem to be a better way of accomplishing your goals.  Every diet fad and every workout plan is some variation of that system.  Whatever shape you’re in, whether you are looking to lose fifty pounds or tack on that extra inch on your bicep, the results you seek can be found through hard work and eating discipline.

Everyone wants the magic bullet.  They want the pill or the one workout or the one diet plan that can let them suddenly look and feel healthier.  But it doesn’t work that way.  The same can be said in business.

There is no magical solution to the problems that your business faces.  But following a few simple and time-tested truths will always help.

1.  Work harder.

2.  Save money.

3.  Communicate better.

Just like earning the perfect body, it won’t happen overnight.  Thankfully, Prosoft Nearshore can help.  We can’t give your company six pack abs or multi-million dollar bottom lines in a day.  But we can help you work harder, save money, and communicate better.

By outsourcing your software development needs to Costa Rica, Prosoft Nearshore offers a nearshore solution that allows your company to meet all three of those goals.  Because Costa Rica is located in the Central Time Zone, your project leaders can save you time and money by working on YOUR schedule, unlike offshore partners in India, Japan, or other East Asian nations.

You can also work harder, as Prosoft Nearshore can free up your creative employees by providing great software developers who don’t have to work in-house.  Our developers can work in agile, C++, java, ruby on rails, and many other platforms which will make your company look great.

Just like getting the perfect body, trimming the fat in your company can take time and effort.  Just think of Prosoft Nearshore as a personal trainer.

Big Cat Fancy

Big CatsCats are some of the most interesting animals on the planet. They have nine lives. They always land on their feet. They can see in the dark. They have fascinated mankind for literally thousands of years. Some of the stories that have surrounded this predatory mammal are true, some are completely ridiculous, and some are subject to blind faith.

Maybe the Egyptians were right and cats should be worshiped above all creatures. It’s hard to know for sure. But it’s not hard to know a few facts. They come in all sizes, from the mighty tigers down to the tiniest house cats. Their diet can range from insects and fish to huge mammals like wildebeests and even elephants. They can be found on every continent save for Antarctica.

The fact that they are so widespread is evidence of their evolutionary capabilities. Cats have evolved to fit into every type of environment. Some are agile tree climbers, others have blinding speed. Some have immense jaw power, others have incredible dexterity.

Businesses need to evolve in the same way. Understanding and reacting to the marketplace is vital to any successful enterprise. Market trends can change with cat-like quickness, and the wise business owners are prepared to deal with anything that comes their way. Being able to utilize new techniques and take advantage of growing resources is a key to taking down the competition the way a cheetah wrestles down a gazelle.

Nearshore software development outsourcing is one of these up and coming methodologies. Gone are the days when outsourcing meant exclusively dealing with offshore companies in India or other portions of Asia. Companies such as Prosoft Nearshore have evolved to fill the needs of companies that need high-quality software development that works on the same clock they do. Being located in Costa Rica (home of majestic jaguars and ocelots), Prosoft Nearshore is like catnip to those seeking a partner in the Central Time Zone.

When one is putting together a business plan, they should consider the lessons of our fair feline friends. Evolve. Adapt. Expand. Getting into business with organizations that make the most of modern technology and convenience might be what keeps your businesses from being run out of town on rails.

High Hoops Hopes

High Hoop HopesToday marks the beginning of a national tradition that has no equal. The (arguably) best sixty-eight division one men’s college basketball teams in the country will be competing to be crowned champion of the hoops world. Baskets will be scored. Brackets will be busted. Hearts will be broken. And in the end, one team will reign supreme, winning the nation’s highest prize.

The competition is fierce. Student athletes who have been preparing their whole lives will fight for every loose ball and every point. Coaches who have dedicated their careers to the study of basketball will put their wits and strategies up against their opponents. Students, alumni, and casual fans will turn in to rabid supporters of their respective universities, urging their teams to victory.

The team that will come out on top is the team that makes the best use of its assets. No right-thinking coach would have their bruising power forward shooting threes or allow a tiny point guard to cover a giant center on the defensive end. Planning and execution are what will rule the day.

The same is true in business. A company that puts its money, resources, and employees in the best places for success will be the most profitable. Leading executives don’t send their janitors on business trips and they don’t have their marketing team waste time running human resources. They also recognize the benefits of software development outsourcing. Particularly nearshore outsourcing. Nearshoring your software development with a company like Prosoft Nearshore allows your creative team to stay focused on growing your business. Nearshore software development outsourcing frees up time, capital, resources, and employees to go where they can be most productive. Think about Prosoft Nearshore like a great zone defense.

Prosoft Nearshore works from Costa Rica. Costa Rica operates in the Central Time Zone, maximizing their availability and communication. This prevents some of the lapses in direct contact that can occur with an offshore outsourcing company. Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam are all literally half a world away. But having your developers in Costa Rica is as easy to stay in contact with as a give-and-go pass.

Whiskey, Straight

WhiskeyWhiskey has long been the drink of choice for a large segment of the world. From Scotch to Bourbon, Irish Whiskey to Canadian Rye, people everywhere love “the water of life.” And while the mixtures of spirit may change from brand to brand and variety to variety, the core principles behind whiskey have remained the same. Grains, yeast, and water have been the basic ingredients for centuries.

But now, the world of whiskey has begun to see evolution. Like any business, the people who run distilleries have noticed momentous changes in the market, and are responding to meet those desires. Flavored whiskies have begun to creep into the public awareness. Red Stag, Fireball, Honey, and others have been produced by some of the biggest and oldest whiskey companies in the world.

Some purists may think that flavoring whiskey is blasphemous. But really, it’s just doing what is necessary to stay competitive. Software development outsourcing is the same concept. It may seem like a tough decision to send your work to another country and trust the work to get done right. But for efficiency, cost, and convenience, nearshore outsourcing with a company like Prosoft Nearshore is just putting a little cinnamon in your whiskey. A way to stay ahead of the competition.

Plus, Prosoft Nearshore is located in Costa Rica. This way, your software developers won’t be too far from home, working on the same schedule that you do. Offshore outsourcing is a little more foreign, often being located hemispheres away and living on a different time schedule. Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone, a convenient nearshore solution for any company wanting to stay relevant.

Any industry has to adapt. Whiskey producers realized there were untapped markets and produced a product to fill that need. Prosoft Nearshore recognized that companies want software development outsourcing options that operate on the same clock. And forward-thinking companies everywhere can be competitive by taking advantage of those services.


Dinosaurs and TechnologySteven Spielberg’s colossal blockbuster hit movie Jurassic Park is set on an island paradise that becomes a playground for prehistoric beasts that eventually terrorize the scientists and accidental tourists in the park. When Michael Crichton was writing the book, when he thought of an island paradise, he thought of Costa Rica. The movie took place was on a fictional island just off the Costa Rican coast.

The tale of Jurassic Park is well known. Brilliant engineers, technicians, developers, and scientists perform genetic miracles to bring dinosaurs back to life. They take giant leaps forward in the field of genetics and bio-engineering. And then, the technology outpaces the humans and everyone gets eaten or chased offshore.

Jurassic Park is a fantastic book and an even better movie. The story is visually compelling, intense, and fun. But it’s so much more. It’s also a cautionary tale. When we develop things faster than we understand them, when we do things just because we can, human beings often fail. Catastrophically.

The business world is the same way. A new trend or idea will catch fire and suddenly everyone wants a piece of the action. Then everyone is pushing that trend as far and as fast as it can go. And who can blame them? The history of American capitalism can be written in stories of pushing ideas as far and as fast as they can go. But the history of American capitalism contains a lot of stories about companies falling hard and fast. Or being eaten by dinosaurs.

The most successful companies know that a marriage between classic practices and new technologies is the way to thrive.  Stick to the basic principles of business and occasionally roll the dice on a hot new idea. Perfection and innovation working together.

Prosoft Nearshore works hard to keep our partners moving forward. We won’t let our clients become dinosaurs, but we won’t let them be eaten either. Using nearshore software development outsourcing is a great way to get great project managers who are at the forefront of software development, while also gaining all the modern advantages of nearshoring. The fact that our corporate offices are in Costa Rica is just a happy coincidence.