Distracted at Work? 3 Simple Tricks to Get You Focused

tips for focusingIn the world of technology, distractions are everywhere. Pinging notifications have a way of popping up on our phones and computers, and then an hour later, we find ourselves trying to remember what it was we were doing in the first place. However, when it comes to staying focused at work, it's just a matter of building good habits that will stand the test of time (or at least get you to the end of the work day). Here are a few tips for focusing amidst the mountain of emails and instant messages that are sure to come your way. 

3 Tips for Focusing At Work:

  1. Set specific goals.

    Part of the reason we get distracted at all at work is that we are bored or overwhelmed by the task at hand. However, knowing your priorities and setting goals can help minimize any attempt at procrastination. One of the best tips for focusing is proper goal setting. Proper goal setting works best when you break down each goal into reasonable time blocked tasks. Outlining all the steps it will take to accomplish what you want and then giving yourself a time limit for each one will help motivate you to meet your potential and fulfill your deadlines.  Make sure the goals you set are SMART; meaning they are specific, measurable, assignable, relevant, and timely. This will ensure that you aren’t overwhelming yourself or wasting time on unattainable projects. Also try tackling the hardest tasks at the beginning of the day when you’re most energized and have loads of time ahead of you, and save the more routine things on your to do list for the end of the day when you’re brain and attention span is winding down. This way you won’t be as stressed or pushed for time on an important project.
  2. Take breaks.

    It’s important to step back every once in a while, and if you do so regularly, you’ll find yourself less prone to give into the little distractions that present themselves throughout the day because you’ve already taken a break. For example, after spending a period of time hard at work, try rewarding yourself by getting up and walking around, grabbing a cup of coffee, filling up your water bottle, or even eating a mid afternoon treat. You can control the temptation to constantly check emails, social media, and text messages by setting aside a specific about of time in your workday for it. Catch up with your peers during lunch, so you don't find yourself chitchatting at your desk instead of working. It also helps if your work space is somewhat enjoyable. So if you can, listen to background music to pump you up or keep your brain relaxed.
  3. Regulate technology.

    \ When you’re in the office, why not make your devices work for you? Take advantage of the many apps out there that can track your time spent on certain sites, and even block those that you are prone to linger on for too long like YouTube or Facebook. Additionally, consider disabling your phone by turning it on silent, or having calls go directly to voicemail so you’re not interrupted unnecessarily during work hours. Keeping any handheld devices in your bag, or face down on your desk so you can’t see if the screen lights up, will also help prevent you from being pulled off track.
At Number8, we believe one of the keys to achieving your business's goals is great IT that supports your company. We help businesses access great IT by connecting them with remote workers that utilize best-practice tools and processes. If you’re interested in learning more about Number8 and what we do, give us a call at (502) 890-7665, or check out our information page!

10 Ways to Stay On Top of Reputation Management as a CEO

reputation managementThe internet is an incredible resource for finding out just about anything you could ever want to know. As a CEO, you should really consider how that level of resourcefulness could affect your business. Potential clients use search and social media as tools to gather information regarding your brand and its reputation. So ask yourself -- what does the internet say about your company Fortunately, you can have a say regarding your online reputation and how it looks to potential customers and clients. Here are just some of the ways you can stay on top of your company’s reputation management as a CEO.

Ten Tips to Achieve Excellent Reputation Management

1. Assess what you already have.

Unless your brand was born yesterday, chances are it already has somewhat of an internet presence. Do a cursory search to see what comes up for your business’s name as well as keywords you may be optimizing. Evaluate what you already have going right and which areas could be beefed up a bit.

2. Brand yourself.

It can’t hurt to own as many pages associated with your company’s name as possible. Beyond social media, look at business databases like Crunchbase and see if you can create a profile for your company there.

3. Use social media.

It’s not enough to have a Facebook and Twitter -- you need to be actively posting. No need to go hog wild with minute-by-minute company updates. But every once and a while posting positive articles, blog posts, press releases, and industry-related news is a great way to be authentically active and show the world that your company is relevant.

4. Optimize your website.

If your company website is cluttered and slow, clients are going to assume the rest of your business runs that way. To optimize your site, clean up pages by removing unnecessary copy and organize them with clear page titles. You can also add things like meta tags and search phrases where applicable. Talk with a local SEO company about helping with this process if it is too outside of your wheelhouse.

5. Blog it up.

Your company’s blog is an untapped resource for keyword and search engine optimization. Creating appealing content that is relevant to your industry is a great way to tell search engines what your company is all about. It doesn’t need to be complex-- in fact, it is better if it’s not. You want your content to be engaging and readable, not filled with technical jargon.

6. Read your reviews.

If your company already has reviews on sites like Google Business or Yelp, use them as a resource. Any complaints or doubts expressed by clients should be viewed as genuine feedback you can use to improve your business. If you see negative reviews, don’t fall into the trap of getting into online arguments. The best practice is to apologize and offer a better experience should they return to your business. Take the criticism, fix the mistake the best you can, and move forward knowing how to avoid it in the future.

7. Promote positive reviews.

Having an online review strategy doesn’t only have to be about responding to negativity. Clients with positive experiences are often more than happy to lend their two cents if you let them know how much it would mean to your business. You can even simplify the process by providing direct access to review sites through things like your online newsletter.

8. Follow guidelines.

People are always trying to cut corners and find the quickest way to get the results they want. When it comes to your business’s online reputation, that is not the right approach. Following guidelines shows search engines -- not to mention clients -- that you are serious about having an authentic, positive online reputation.

9. Reach out to influencers.

Influencers are journalists and bloggers that people trust when it comes to industry opinions. It is common practice for them to work with companies to help provide honest reviews for their audiences. Find out what influencers you want to work with and reach out to see if they are willing to work with your brand.

10. Be patient.

When it comes to online reputation management, slow and steady wins the race. You may be putting in hours, days, or even months of work before you see the kind of results you want. Don’t be discouraged. Your online reputation can take years to build, but only seconds to ruin. Taking your time and being patient ensures you don’t make boneheaded mistakes that can undo all the good work you put in.

At Number8, we believe one of the keys to a positive business reputation is great IT that supports your company and offers reputation management services. We help businesses access great IT by connecting them with remote workers that utilize best-practice tools and processes. If you’re interested in learning more about Number8 and what we do, give us a call at (502) 890-7665, or check out our information page!


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